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This is an air compressor which uses pressure

This month’s Science with Mr. Panda is about pressure. Today, we will do an experiment with creating pressure and answer the question how pressure is created. Before I get into the question how is pressure created lets do a experiment( go into photo gallery for experiment) but first lets meet Mr. Panda. Hi my name is Mr. Panda. I love to do science because I think science is interesting. The effect of this love is that now I know a lot about science. I am excited to go on the journey of science with you thank you! I chose this topic because haven’t you been interested in what happens when you blow into your water bottle. Well I thought it might be cool to write about pressure so hear we are.


How pressure is created ?

Did you know when you did the experiment you were using pressure. The definition of pressure is pressure = force/area. This is saying pressure is the amount of force in one area. So when we blowed into the water bottle we were adding more force to the area. I interviewed Brian Laird, 8th grade Science teacher and he said ” I’m not sure who Mr. Panda is but they are on the right track.  Pressure is indeed a force.  There are different kinds of pressure.  For example, if someone pushes their finger on your arm, you’ll feel the pressure or force from their finger.  Many of us think of air (atmospheric) pressure when the word arises.  The air molecules all around us are constantly running into us whether we are moving or not.  Wave your hand back and forth and you’ll feel this pressure at work.  Drive up to the mountains and your ears may feel pressure in another way too.  Air pressure decreases (goes down) as you get higher up in the atmosphere.  Your ears feel that pressure change and want to “pop.”  The reverse happens on the way back down the mountains”. So if you are wondering about pressure remember that pressure is the amount of force.


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