Among Us News!

December 10, 2020

What is AmonUs?

If you haven’t heard about Among Us, then you are missing out on the most popular mobile game so far. It is a game of murder, mystery, and lots of exciting things. Here is a trailer of the game – click here to watch it!

To Play:  You need a mobile device (like a phone or tablet) or a PC, and then you download the game, name yourself, and join a game.

Then you should end up in a spaceship, and in the spaceship, you either have to wait for more players or make a game. When there are 4 or more players in the game, the host will most likely start. When you start, you will be separated into two groups: crewmates and imposters. When you are a crewmate, you have to do tasks and try to stay alive. When you are an imposter, you have to kill, sabotage, and try to make yourself not look sus (suspicious). There are emergency meetings and there is a report button if you find a dead body. The point of the game is to stay alive and do your tasks or to kill everybody and sabotage.

The picture on top is the crewmate’s vision or point of view.         The second one is an imposter’s point of view.

Among Us 2 Cancelled?

The creators of Among Us were making an Among Us 2 but decided to cancel it because there were still some bugs and problems in the original. There is a website to check out called to see more!

Interesting things about Among Us.

The game was first most real in 2018 but had very few downloads.  But then in September 2020, it started to grow very fast.  Now, in late 2020, it is known by some as the newest, latest, and hot game.

But before the newest version, it was very different from now as you can see… wow, it is very different from now…

Why is Among Us so popular?

Among Us is popular because it is a game where you can play with family, friends, or even random people! To play with friends or family, you need to either make a game and enter the code or you have to find the same game and join at the same time. To play with random people, all you need to do is find a game and join.

In my opinion, it is the best mobile game on my phone. It also was getting attention when lots of famous gamers like MrBeast Gaming, Lazarbeam, and SocksFor1. That is when the downloads went up because lots of people that watch all of these YouTubers decided to download the game and play it for themselves.

Interview with a WLM Student 

I interviewed another fan of the Among Us game – grader Jazmine Gonzales. I asked her a few questions. The questions that I asked will be in purple and her answers will be in red.                                                                                               

1. What is your favorite part of the game?

-My favorite part is being the imposter

2. What is your favorite map?

-My favorite map is the Skeld or Polus

3. What age do you recommend this for?

– I think among us should be 8+ years 

4. What is the best part of the game?

– I think the best part of the game is customizing your character

5. Do you like to be an imposter or a crewmate better?

– I like being an imposter way more

6. Do you think this is a good way to connect with the world and society?

– I think it’s a great way to connect with the world

7. Do you think this is the best mobile game to play when you are bored and alone?

– In my opinion, it’s a great game to play when bored

8. How would you rate this from a 1-10?

– Definitely a 9/10

What do you think?  While Jazmine’s opinions might be very different from yours, everyone has their own view on things. 

If you haven’t already, maybe you should try playing for yourself to find out!