The Art of Baking

A little advice from some members of the staff of The Westlake Observer.

The Chewy Recipe | Alton Brown | Food Network

When you think of baking,  you might think of quickly making a batch of homemade goodies.  But it can be so much more than that. Sometimes, you can spend almost 10 hours baking a cake!  Today, I interviewed Emma Smith and Olivia Hornsby, two members of the Westlake Observer staff,  because they like baking and have done baking events in the past. They have done bake offś and have made treats for holidays! (I have tasted all of their treats… they are very scrumptious.)

Olivia Hornsby:   When I interviewed her she said,¨ I think baking is a good skill to learn because when you are bored it is a good thing to do, but it is also really fun. And even if you mess up, you still made it, and that’s what counts.¨ When she said this, it made me think back to the time when I tried to make my sister a homemade birthday cake, and it did not turn out how I wanted it to look. But the good thing is that it still was edible and I made it, because the best gifts come from the heart.

Emma Smith: I know that baking might not sound exciting, but Emma made this hobby sound really fun, and here is what she said: ¨I think that baking is a good way to access the creativity in you! When you bake, you are exercising a different part of your brain because you are doing math and art. Most people would say that it is enjoyable.¨  I thought that she was being pretty smart when she said these things because when you do the measurements, you are measuring and you need to add fractions and make sure you are putting in the exact thing that it says.

Both Olivia and Emma said that sometimes it is a good thing to have a dog around to have them lick up any ingredients that might have fallen on the ground. I thought this was really interesting because it sounds like dogs can be helpful in the kitchen.

I have baked before, but once I accidentally used granulated sugar for the icing instead of powdered sugar. It was a little crunchy but still really good. So I just think as long as you have fun, you have made something happen in the kitchen.