Thanksgiving From A Corgi’s Perspective!


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Olivia Hornsby, Dedicated Writer

Ah, Thanksgiving. Some people’s favorite holiday, but even if its not, the food is delicious! But most people haven’t really thought about what it’s like to pets. So without further ado, here is Thanksgiving from a Corgi’s perspective!

Hi, I’m Sadie, and I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! From what I have heard, (this will be my first Thanksgiving!), it sounds pretty cool. The humans get to eat a lot of food, and most of the time, some falls off the table! That will be the most fun part of the day for me. Well, besides from what I have heard of people being home all day and playing with angelic puppies! I am one of those puppies, and I’m definitely angelic and not naughty ;).  Since I have no idea how to cook, I’m going to share some recipes that I think would be delicious!  I don’t know the right names for stuff, so I got my owner to help me.

Sadie’s Recipes

Chicken and Sauce with a side of Carrots

  • 45 pieces of chicken
  • Some Special sauce (gravy, soy sauce, and/or ketchup) Use however much you would like.
  • Raw carrots (No cooking allowed)
  • Dog treats (a whole bag)


  1. Cook the chicken in a pan with some olive oil until its almost burnt, so its crispy. 2. Prepare the sauce: use Gravy powder but instead of putting water in, put in soy sauce and/or ketchup. 3. Get some dog treats and pour the sauce over them. Then, bake them in the oven for 15 minutes. 4. Put the almost-burnt chicken on a plate and put however much special sauce you want (I would put a lot of sauce on mine!) and then put the carrots on the plate. It is fine if some sauce gets on the carrots. Put some of the dog treats all around the plate for a special touch!

Funfetti Cake with Turkey Frosting

  • Funfetti cake mix and all the things you need to make the mix
  • Deli-Style turkey
  • butter
  • powdered sugar


1. Make the cake using the directions on the package (add in extra of something if you especially like that ingredient.) and bake it for 15 minutes. 2. Make buttercream using however much of the ingredients you want, and add in the amount of turkey you want. blend it up in a blender and put it aside. 3. Frost the cake and top with some extra butter and turkey.


  • Any and All leftovers you can find from whenever
  • A pan
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar (if you want to be fancy)
  • leftover rosemary


1. Turn on the stove and heat up the pan. 2. Put the olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the pan and make it bubble. 3. Take the leftovers and dump then all in a pan. Mix well. 4. Add in some rosemary and put in a bowl. 5. Enjoy!

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Alright, I am back! So, what did you think of my recipes? I bet you thought they were great! If only my owner would make them for me. Oh wait, maybe I could! Maybe I could bribe her with….A new car! oh wait, I don’t have a new car. What about..A new puppy? But she already has me AND my big brother. Oh! I got it! I could look really, really cute, and she might make them for me! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story! The story is not quite done, but that is all from me! Have a great thanksgiving!

What other dogs think about Thanksgiving (according to their owners!)

MS. MOGENSON, 6th Language Arts

I have a Golden Shepherd Mix named Scout. This will be out 1st Thanksgiving together so we will see what he thinks.

MR. CAPRA, 8th Social Studies

I have an Australian Cattle Dog and a mixed breed dog. There names are Piper and Tucker. Piper is deaf and gets really anxious when there are a bunch of people around;  she starts to lick the floor when this happens.  Tucker loves food, he begs for (and tries to steal) food the whole day. 

MS. FLOWERS – 8th Math

Gilbert is a 12 years Chinese Crested, born in Sweden, raised in Norway, retiring in the US. I think Gilbert loves Thanksgiving, since he can beg a LOT, and the extended family can’t resist his royal cuteness, so it’s a huge win for him!

MS. MURPHY, 6th Science

I have two dogs in my family. They are both rescue dogs and are both mutts! My dogs’ names are Hank and Teddy.  I think my dogs really enjoy Thanksgiving. They love being around people and are always up for good food. I think their favorite dish at Thanksgiving would be the turkey or the green bean casserole (for the green beans!) Then really enjoy going for a car ride to see family. One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving are Hank and Teddy giving gentle hugs and kisses to my husband’s grandma who was in a wheelchair. She loved seeing Hank and Teddy almost as much as she loved seeing her grandchildren.