A Different World: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Taken

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer

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In the last chapter we learned about the way of school life for kids in the system. No one in the system can get out or think differently…

Lily got home but took a few minutes to go into the house. Tonight was a full moon. Any second the system would take over her.  Lily grabbed a, “Don’t fight the system”,  bar and crunched on it sadly.  A few moments later and her thoughts were gone.  

“Hello, honey!” Her mother said with a smile like a Cheshire cat.

“Hello, mother!”  Lily said back.

“I should go play outside!”  Lily thought; like everyone else in her category. She got down her sandy carpeted stairs. Lilly’s mother was waiting for her in their kitchen.

“Go play outside will you dear?” 

“Of course mother!”

Lily’s mom’s hand was extended; holding a hula hoop. Lily grabbed it and took it outside to her driveway, where you could see her green house.  All of the other kids had hula hoops as well. All of their hoops were either blue and or red. One, two, three, four, five, six, sev

en, eight, nine, ten. The hula hoops bounced off of the kid’s hips as they laughed twice. This continued until 7:30. Then the moms came out and took the kids inside.

“Today is an early dinner because family is coming by”,  Her mother said, handing her a bowl of green, beige, and orange stew.

“Yay!  I can not wait until I see our well-dressed family!”  She smiled, then looked over at the seat where her father once sat, and she didn’t know he wasn’t there. 

At 8:00 pm, everyone stepped outside.  Men in black suits with gas masks stepped out of a van. They were all strong and tall.  They went to 37 different homes in the neighborhood.  Finally, one stopped at Lily’s house.  

“Hello”,  The man in the black suit said with a sly grin on his face. He was ready for Lily to fail, just as her father had.  

“Hello,”  Lily repeated like all of the other kids.  The man’s smile faded.

“What did you have for dinner tonight?”  A smile rising on

 his high cheekbones. He knew that every one out of the hypnosis would have different food.  

“Stew”,  Every kid, Mother, and father repeated.  His smile faded, and he moved to the next house.  He asked his question so quietly that no one could hear.  But since their thoughts were in the system, they knew what to answer next.

“Hula hoop!” They all yelled… except one.

“WHO DIDN’T SAY HULA HOOP!”  The man yelled, tearing through the town trying to find the person.

Every kid said, “Oh yes, silly!  2 + 2 =4.”   Every kid but one,  and the man saw him.  He grabbed a little boy, around the age of 4, and threw him roughly over his sh

oulder.  The little boy cried and reached out for his mother; but she didn’t know he was gone.

“Alex 9237 Doctor has failed you all!”  The man yelled, smiling a deep smile.

“Oh yes, I do enjoy playing outside,”  The kids answered a question that no one had asked. 

 Then Lily was out, she had broken out of their mind games. Lily didn’t know why though, her eyes were a bit hazy but she could see the little boy being taken away. 

She breathed heavily, and her heart raced faster than a z

ebra running from a lion, but she stayed still like the other kids. After a few more minutes everyone turned into their house smiling, Lily did the same.

The men stayed outside of the houses for 90 more minutes, until turning to leave.  Their huge black van drove away with Alex. Lily didn’t understand what had happened that night, but she knew she was too close, too close to being taken, too close to being hurt. Next time she would eat two, “Don’t Fight The System bars”, even if it made her stay like that for a week.  She just didn’t want a mess up like this again. She didn’t want to be taken by those men in black masks. The people who were taken; they never made it back.