Student Council Election Results

Brecklyn Laird and Makenzie Koller

Hey Westlake! We know that most of you are aware about the recent student council election. Some of you may have even run for some of the positions, or voted. If you are one of those people who voted or participated in the student council and are eager to know who won, below show the results.  

After doing a couple interviews with Kayla Koller (7th grade summit core) and Emma Smith (6th grade grizzly core), who both won as representatives and are in student council, we noticed that both had very similar responses. They said being in student council requires responsibility, active listening skills, advocating for oneself, and helping others. They both have had some sort of experience in participating with school events and recommend student council for people who are willing to try and put in the effort, as well as being responsible. Both ran or wanted to run for vice president or president because they wanted their voices to be heard. Although Kayla Koller stated that she ran for vice president against Natalie Franczyk, she said she did not win because Natalie Franczyk was much more experienced and advocated better for others and herself. Both Kayla Koller and Emma Smith said they should have made their campaign video longer and to show what they thought was important and positive changes they could have made. 

Clearly you can see that being in student council requires responsibility, determination, hard work, having a strong voice, and listening to others. Everyone that won for student council showed these qualities.  


Core Representatives

8th Avengers: Nyla French

8th Fusion: Lilly Gebremichael

8th Galactic: Morgan Beltzer


7th Mountaineer: Calvin Florence

7th Summit: Kayla Koller

7th Timberline: Kailyn Cooper


6th Grizzly: Emma Smith

6th Phoenix: Olivia Hornsby 

6th Wolf: tba


6th Skynet: Abby McDowell

7th Skynet: Jericho Bondi

8th Skynet: Aryanna Apodaca



8th Grade: 

7th Grade: 

6th Grade:  Stella Bussey, Jazmine Gonzales, Mal Lloyd, Abigail Smith, Sarala Tochizawa, Elizabeth Winegardner, Luke Weimann