Pinprick Poetry: A Collection of Short Poems


Sophia K. Bell, Dedicated Writer

A Collection of Poetry


These poems all have no connection – they just simply came to me. Some of them are Haikus, while others are in free-verse. Some are about nature, others about the world. But all of them have one thing in common: they are a poem and they tell their story in a different way than one may expect. I hope you enjoy this collection.


Mockingbirds singing

I can hear their trilling songs

It is beautiful



Branches are dancing

The leaves flutter very gently

Tis’ quite wonderful


Snowflakes are falling

I see no ground only snow

May it snow all night


Turkeys try to run

You go shopping all day long

Holidays are here


Clap, Stomp, Pat, Snap, Sound

Do, Re, Mi, 3, 2, 1, Sound

You hear it all day

All The World

Ah, the world may be coming to an end.

It may seem impossible for it to start again.

But deep within some minds and souls

See a world that can endlessly grow

So do not ever give up on yourself

All the world is waiting for a chance to be itself

When the world feels like it has come to a halt,

All the world is waiting for a special song

A call to rise true and strong

A call to show how much it has grown

So don’t give up on the world, just wait

All the world is hoping for their time again.


When a dream begins to see the light,

It runs away from the shadows, and will never hide

How precious is a dream to me? 

A dream is magic, simplistically. 

So when your dreams come out to play

Let them in, and let them stay.

For when you are old and wise, 

Your dreams, they will stay in your mind. 

They will never give up, never hide

Just stay, awaiting, in your mind.

But if you keep them in the dark,

You might always have no spark. 

Sleep at night, dream away the pain

They have your back, they know you best

Because dreams, they never really go away.