A Different World: Chapter 4

Don’t trust anyone

A Different World: Chapter 4

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer

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In chapter two, a boy was taken away from the town. Lilly isn’t safe here. But the question is if she will be safe anywhere…

Lily couldn’t sleep that night.   Lily had been having flashes; flashes of her father being taken.  The orange sells that they were kept in. A chamber filled with blue air. These flashes horrified her. She hated them. She didn’t know why she got these flashes though. 

Lily got up and walked towards her desk and sat down on a pink bright pillow.

“I DON’T UNDERSTAND, DAD!” Lily yelled; thrusting her books onto the floor.  Her heart stopped a beat.  There were words in one of her books.  She hadn’t looked back at these books in 2 years. They were all about school, but now she regretted it.  There was a small blue computer.  About the size of a  Tamagotchi logged into the back of, “How to be kind for 11-year-olds.”

There was a message on it   that said,  “Find Me.”  

Lily dislodged the computer from the book, it blinked a bright red through the darkness in her room.  She swiped her blond hair out of her face.  

“Want to know the truth?”  The computer’s first message shined. It was dated from 3 years ago. This was when her dad was taken away. A keyboard shined on the screen.  Lily typed back. 

“Yes,” Lily waited.  Maybe her father had passed away.  But then the red light blinked back, and a new message had come in.

“How old are you?” 

“I am 13,”  Lily typed back into the small computer.

“How long until you’re 14?”  The message shined back after only a few seconds.

“Two months.”

“Where do you live?”

“I live in the town of  Amethur,” Lily typed. She knew that even if this computer asked for her credit card number, house number, and place she was born, she would have nothing to lose.

“Perfect.  Go to house 18 tomorrow at 5:00 am.  It is closest to the hill. .We will send someone to find you.”  Then the computer steamed and a grey smokey gas came out.

Lily packed the book, the tiny stemming computer, and water, into a small pink backpack that she wore to school.  Even though the computer was dead, it said, “In case of danger, press the center button and keep it on you.”  Lily didn’t think she would be in danger though; she was going to meet her father.  From what Lily remembered from the system, her father was a nice person. 

 That morning, Lily got up at the time the computer told her. She walked to House 18. This was the house where the little boy was taken last night.  A white car was in the driveway just like every house.  But this one was different; she had a twisted feeling about this. The car pulled out of the driveway. It was going slowly towards her.  Lily didn’t move.  If it was a person in the system, they wouldn’t move either. The car blinked its lights once. It got an inch away from Lily but then stopped. These were real people. 

“GET IN THE CAR,”  A girl in the front seat whispered forcefully. Lily climbed into the seat. Her heart stopped.  Her dad wasn’t there, but a girl around the age of 13 was there, and a girl the age of 16 who had made Lily get into the car, and a boy the age of 14 who was driving.  But what surprised her most of all was the little four-year-old boy who had gotten taken last night.

“Hello, I am Jack,” Said the boy in the front seat.

“This is Amber,” Jack explained pointing at the 13-year-old girl.  And the 13-year-old pointed at the four-year-old boy and said, “This is superman.”

“Hi I am-,”  But Lily was cut off by the oldest girl.

“No time for formal introductions!  Step on it!”  

The car screeched as they turned around. 

“She is Octavia!  She is our leader,” Jack said. He quickly made a sharp turn into the woods. The car bumped up and down all day long until they reached a lake. It was gloomy and quiet.

“Get water here,” Octavia ordered.  Everyone got out like drill sergeants.

Jack lit a fire (although Lily didn’t know what with it).  Everyone else got a steel bucket from the back and brought water from the lake to him.  

Lily had just noticed that they all looked different.  Amber had small eyes,  pale skin, dark black hair, and was short, but was very pretty.  Octavia had big eyes, her skin was tan, she was short (only a  few inches taller than Amber), and had long dark black hair.   The little boy she had just seen a day earlier was different, too.  He had a lot of curls on top of his head, his skin was darker than Amber and Octavia’s,  he looked like a toddler. Jack had dark brown hair that went over his face, glasses,  light skin, was super tall, and had bright purple eyes. 

“How do you guys look like that,” Lily asked while everyone was taking vegetables from the car and putting them into a huge pot of water they just boiled.

“We crossed the border,”  Jack said, glancing at her. 

“What border?”  Lily asked. She still was not catching on.

“Right.  A newbie,”  Octavia said with a hint of sassiness in her voice.  “We all look different because there is a magical border that when you cross it will show you your true form.  Your true form is how you looked before they gave you to your parents all perfect and such.  We have been spying on the system for a few weeks now and we know that there is a thing called adoption.  The system adopts children, and then gives them to your mom and dad when the last one turns 30.  Which since most parents are a year apart it is not a big deal.  After your parents have you; they can only be away from the system if they love you.  Since most parents can function without you being there, they don’t love you. Which makes it impossible to get out of the system. Your dad loved you and he got out. Kids can break out of the system once it is destroyed,” Octavia said, turning back to the pot like this was not huge news.  

Lily’s face was in shock.  Amber could tell that she was uncomfortable. 

“A few rules if you want to live with us.  Don’t eat every day. Don’t be rude to the leader. Do not leave us unless we tell you to. Don’t get all sappy with us.  Like wahhhh, I just left my family,”  Amber said, making a fake baby noise. “And lastly, don’t trust anyone,” Amber explained picking out potato with a long fork.


Amber was not making Lilly feel better. She breathed heavily.  This was going to be her new home for a long time.