A Different World: Chapter 5

Boulders and Octavia

A Different World: Chapter 5

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

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In the last chapter, Lily was taken by teenagers. She wonders whether she will ever find her dad and how long is this going to last?

“You need new clothes,” Octavia said, leaving the pot of vegetables while everyone else stuffed their mouths full.  Lily looked around; Octavia was right.  Everyone had different clothes than they had before. The people in Amethur wore very different clothes.  The girls wore late 1940s  bright pink wrap dresses and the boys all wore green plaid vests, a white long sleeve undershirt, and plaid pants. 

Octavia walked over to the car. Whenever she stepped you could hear crunches of leaves and you could smell the fresh air. Octavia pulled out a bin of clothes. Lily looked at them. She had never had different clothes to wear and her mom always picked out her outfit.

“GO THROUGH THE CLOTHES,”  Octiva yelled after three minutes of sitting in silence.

Lily tore through the clothes; she had never been yelled at until she met Octavia. Lily finally found a charcoal black tank top and acid-washed denim jeans that she liked. 

“Go over there and put those on,” Octavia ordered.  Lily put on the clothes and then walked back to the others.

For the first time, Lily wasn’t in something itchy, and it made her feel great.  She sat next to them all around the campfire and ate a few potatoes and carrots.

Superman fell asleep and Jack carried him back to the van. A few minutes later, Jack fell asleep as well. 

Twenty minutes later, Amber went to bed. After five minutes of silence, Lily decided she wanted to talk to Octavia. 

“Maybe I could keep a night watch!  That would make her like me,” Lily thought; after all, Lily thought that being yelled at meant that someone hated you and never wanted to see you again.

“No, it wouldn’t,”  Octavia answered.  

The next thing Lily knew she was being lifted into the air.

“PUT ME DOWN,”  Lily yelled as loud as she could.

“Ok,”  Octavia shrugged and dropped Lily in mid-air.  Lily fell deeper and deeper into darkness; until all, she could see was light.  Lily peeked open one eye. Lily was there in the car with all of them driving. 

“Man, you slept so late,”  Jack said, smiling at her in the back seat.

“We are about to cross the border,”  Superman yelled.  Superman had only been taken two days before Lily. Yet he knew and was ok with more of the crazy stuff that was going on than Lily was.

“Stop here, Jack,”  Octavia yelled. Jack swerved into the outer parts of the light green forest.  

“You see that?”  Octavia asked. She gestured towards a huge tower of metal.

Lily gulped, “Yes, I do.”  

“Perfect.  You will have to get out and make it to that tower. Then you will change into your true form. Understand?”

“When do I go?”  Lily asked. She was feeling hot with a weird twist in her stomach.

“We have been watching that tower for weeks now and the only time they leave is from 5:00 am- 5:15 am on Mondays. So you better be ready,”  Amber said, messing with Lily’s blonde hair.

“Now, what you need to get there,”  Octavia said, crawling over Jack so she could land into the forest of green.

“You need this outfit,”  Octavia said. She handed Lily a charcoal black suit that looked like it had been shrunk for Superman.  

“I can’t fit in this,”  Lily explained plainly.  

“Don’t worry about it,”  said Octavia. Octavia handed Amber the black suit.

Jack stepped out of the car as Octavia got back in. 

“Come with me,”  Jack said to Lily.  Lily stepped closer to Jack. Jack seemed nice enough not to lift her into the air like Octavia. But now Lily was fighting the fact that that might have been a dream.

Jack led Lily over to a boulder.  The boulder was carved with names, inlcuding Superman, Octavia, Jack, Lilly. K, Amber, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella, Sophia, Liam, Noah, William, James, Oliver, and so many more. 

“What are these?”  Lily asked, her head lifting up towards Jack.

“These are the names of the kids who made it out. We each pick a name from the stone and write tally marks next to it. We know how many kids got out with that name.  Octavia came up with her own. See Amber?  Her name has three by it which means that there are four Ambers that got to safety.  And Superman!  Well, he has too many to count! And my name is over here,”  Jack said. He pulled Lily to the other side of the rock and sat on the cold muddy ground.  

Jack had three tallies, one of which was crossed out.  

“What happened to the third tally?”  Lily asked. She turned her head towards Jack. 

“Oh, um, um, he, um, didn’t do too well,”  Jack said. He then scratched the back of his neck and stood up.

Lily tried to hide the horrified look on her face. Apparently, she wasn’t doing a good job.

“Don’t worry!  It only happened to him,”  Jack explained. He softly reached his hand down to help Lily up.  

“What name do you want to pick?”  Jack asked. He was smiling wide. Then he glanced down at the boulder.

“I think I might do Lilly. It sounds the same and I have been called by that name for 13 years,”  Lily explained.  The shine in Jack’s eyes vanished. 

“Ok then, go ahead and put a tally by your new name,” Jack said. He turned back to the van. Lily scratched the bolder with her new name, “Lilly.”