A Different World: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Borders


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

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In the last chapter, Lilly learned that she could change her name into something that had nothing to do with the names given by the system. Octavia may be a friend, but may also be a foe. Whatever Lilly can do to survive… she will. 


That morning, Lilly was awakened at 4:45 am by Octavia.

“Get up and get into the suit,”  Octavia shook Lilly harshly.

Lilly held up the suit.  It was still too small.  As Lilly got out of the van, she could see bright lights shining a few feet away from where she was standing. The lights were from the tower. 

As Lilly turned into the forest, she could see Jack at the boulder. He was looking sad, but when Lilly came up to him, his face was happy once again.

“Just go over there and change,” Jack said. He pointed to a huge rock that was covered by trees. 

Lilly did as he said.  But once one of her feet was in the outfit, it tore.  She didn’t know how she would explain this to the others. They were so sure it would grow.  And then out of nowhere, the paint’s leg grew.  It was 2 sizes too big for her, but she didn’t mind.  The cycle continued with the other parts of the outfit. Lilly looked at the outfit.  Although it was big, it was very comfortable. Lilly came out from behind the rock and walked back over to Jack, who was still staring at the boulder.

“Oh, perfect,”  laughed Jack.  “You need to pull the string,”  he explained. 

He unzipped a pocket in the suit. Inside was a small orange cord.  He then lightly pulled it.  In under a second, the suit inflated, making Lilly look super strong.  

Then Jack pulled the second blue cord in her pocket. This made her grow 4 inches. 

“There,” smiled Jack. They were now the same height. “Let’s get your gas mask and then it will be time for you to go.” 

Jack walked with Lilly back to the car.  He opened the trunk and got out a black gas mask. The mask was just like the ones the men in black had the night they came to her town. Lilly put on the mask quickly.  It was soon 5:00 am and the time to leave.

Lilly ran up to the tower to which Octavia had said to go. Since she was taller, she was also faster.   Lilly wore black so she couldn’t be seen at all.  Right as she hit the metal of the tower, it flung her back to where the car sat.  An alarm started to go off.  Amber pulled her inside and threw her into the trunk.  Jack hit the gas so hard that it made him run into a tree.

“GO, GO, GO,”  yelled Octavia.  The men in black jumped into black vans and chased after the kids. 

From all the excitement, Lilly passed out.