Science With Mr. Panda (Christmas Special) #2

Welcome back to Science With Mr. Panda. This month I will have my first Christmas special. If you have not read my first story Science With Mr. Panda I would read it. In the 3rd story Science With Mr. Panda, convection currents we will have one special guest Mr. Bear. Today we will be making super chocolatey hot chocolate and a paper ornament.



Super Chocolatey Hot Chocolate

First, we will start with my super chocolatey hot chocolate, lets get started ( please enter the photo gallery at this time).

Paper Ornaments

Now we are moving on to paper ornaments. let’s get started (please enter the photo gallery at this time.)



Thank you for reading my article, Mr. Panda signing off.

Would you prefer to see an EXPERIMENT (like Science with Mr. Panda #1) or a DEMONSTRATION (like this Science with Mr. Panda) in my next story?

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