Dragons-Poems For the People

Monthly Poems

Dragons-Poems For the People

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writter

The stories in the poems, “Dragons”,  are all lessons that humans need to learn. Dig deeper into the sand if you want to find the gold, think about these poems, and understand what they mean.


Red fire sweeps over, 

The light turns dim, 

My heart turns cold, 

Like the old man’s chin,


Dancing turns to running, 

Water turns to coal, 

Houses turn to dust, 

Bikes to rust, 

Ground turns to flame, 


Emerald green appears, 

Flame comes to water, 

Them both to dust, 


One dragon is defeated,

No more rust and or dust, 

One dragon still stands,

But who can we really trust?



Humans wish, 

Humans take, 

Humans obliviate, 

Their hearts are hard,

They  only want to  gain, 

Humans almost always feel pain, 


Do  talk to humans every once in a while,

For you will learn, 

That some humans learned to sing the same song, 

Only be with these humans though, 

For these are the ones, 

That can help you with your quest,  little one.