Ten Signs of the Month ~ Holiday Edition

Tyler Odum, Dedicated Writer

Hello, again and welcome back to 10 Signs of the Month! This month, we will be focusing on signs related to winter holidays! I’d like to thank Ms. Fitzhugh, a 7th grade interpreter at Westlake! She’s the one who taught me the signs for this article! Now, the signs you’ve been waiting for:

Christmas: (Like a “C” scooping ice cream)

Hanukkah or Menorah: (Two 4s moving outwards each tracing their own 2d bowl shape)

Kwanzaa or Kinara: (Same with Hanukkah/Menorah, except you simultaneously transfer your fingers from a “1” shape to a “3” shape)

Santa: (You trace the shape of Santa’s beard)

Dreidel: (You mimic spinning the top to play the game)

Holiday: (Palms down, alternate tapping your chest with your thumbs lightly, like a gorilla trying to be quiet)

Tradition: (“T” handshape rests on the wrist of a loose fist then they move down together. This is similar to “habit”)

Giving: Mime giving a present either with an “X”/”hook” handshape (first set of pictures) or with a “Flat O”/”duck bill” handshape (second set of pictures)

Festival of lights: (Make two “hook” hand shapes and mime a cheering motion then use your second finger to flick your chin)


Decorations: (Palms facing out, move them in small circles)


Christmas Tree: (“Christmas” from above than rest your elbow on top of the back of your other hand to mimic a tree)


Jewish: (Mime a small beard or goatee)


Thank you for joining me with 10 Signs of the Month – Holiday Edition! Have a nice break! Happy New Years!!