The Gift of Giving Gifs

The Gift of Giving Gifs

Abigail Smith, Dedicated Writer

If you are looking for the best homemade gift, you can not go wrong with a gif. If you do not know what a gif is, itis a picture or an image that may or may not be funny but it gives a repetitive motion that keeps at least two movements in a picture moving forever. Anyway, how you make a gif is you go to your camera (if you have a phone) and you turn on live picture. Once you do that all you have to do is do a funny movement or action and click the camera button as you do that. Once this step is done you can share it with whomever you wish to share it with. Personally I have made these homemade gifs for fun and for random reasons, but if you add some Christmas cheer to your gif, BAM! Christmas gif!

If you are thinking “What kind of gift is this?” then you do not have to do it. It was just an idea so if you wanted to make a homemade gift and did NOT have an idea, then you could use this. As I just said “If you don’t like this idea” then here you go… you could make a nice painting for your homemade gift.  All you have to do is find out what they like and then print a picture of it and cover the back with chalk by drawing on the back. After you do that you can get the paper put it where you want it on the canvas and trace the lines with a pencil. When you do that you can lift up the paper and there the image will be on the canvas. If you have to then you can trace over those chalk lines with a pencil as well. Now, you paint inside the lines and have yourself a painting as a gift.

I know that you might not be making a homemade gift, but I just want anyone reading this to remember that that the best gift or gifs come from the heart.

Here is a link to an example gif…


This is an example gif that should look like one that you might make. There is a description up above on how to make these homemade gifs!

Hope you try and make one!