Top 5 Activities to do During Covid-19


Aiden Simmons, Dedicated Writer

Do you ever wonder what to do ?

Well, you’re lucky because this is Top 5 Activities to do during Covid-19 for your health and enjoyment.

1. Spend Time with Family: It may be hard to have fun with no friends around, but your family there for you.  Whether it’s small or big, you can play some games and have fun as a family.  Try doing board games and other family activities.

2. Play Outside: Though it may be hard to go outside during this time due to weather, it’s never too late to go outside and smell the fresh air and do some outdoor activities.

3. Mental Health and Strength Training: While you’re in your house, you can work on things like exercising of practicing math, or even trying out some yoga.

4. Read A Book: I strongly recommend reading, not just for you, but for your brain and mental health.

5. Spend time with your pets (if have any): Now that you’re home more often, you can spend more time with your pets, like fetch or something! They appreciate you, as you appreciate them.