A Different World: Chapter 7

A Different World: Chapter 7

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

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Chapter 7: Found

Lilly now looks different, but will she ever be able to see herself? They are after her… how long will this last?

“THEY WILL FIND YOU!  WE HAVE GOT PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE,” Octavia yelled at the top of her lungs as the men in black threw her out of the car onto the cold wet ground.  Jack slowly turned this head to look back at Lilly, Amber, and Superman. He knew he would have to save them, but he didn’t know how.  All of his powers would be overridden by the system once they stepped in the men in black’s vans. All Jack could do was make fire…or he could use his other power. But that was too risky. 

Lilly was trying to come up with a plan before they went into the van.  Then she remembered the tiny computer that she had packed in her bag. She threw herself over the back seat and rummaged through the trunk. She scrambled quickly, trying to find her bag. 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  Amber whispered forcefully. She tried to reach Lilly in the trunk.

“Saving us,”  Lilly yelled back, finally finding her bag.  She then pushed the small button and put the computer in her back pocket… just in time.  The men in black came back to the car. Most of them were covered in dirt from Octavia.

“You. Tallboy.  Come here and none of your friends get hurt,” the man in black said. He held out a muddy hand.

“Bye, guys,” Jack said. He slowly got out on the other side of the car. The man in black grabbed his hand and led him forcefully to the van. 

Amber whispered something to Superman that Lilly couldn’t hear.  While all of their attention was turned on to Jack, Superman rolled down his window and flew out of the car. 

“I TOLD YOU THEY HAD A FLY!”  One of the men in black yelled. They slapped the back of another man’s head. As they all looked up to the sky, Amber blasted them with water through the open window. She jumped out of the car and ran towards the forest.  

The water must have had something in it. All of the people who got blasted couldn’t open their eyes, even with their gas masks on. After a few moments, Lilly got out of the car.  She didn’t have any powers and didn’t know how to fight.  

The men in black looked at her. Each of their faces looked more terrified than the next. 

“Why are they so scared of me?” Lilly thought.  She stroked her light brown hair.  

One of the men in black turned around to where he was not facing Lilly.

“Ya, we have got her,” the man said, talking into a phone. 

“Yes, we are the sure, boss.  She looks just like you.” He turned back around to face Lilly.  “She’s got brown hair, grey eyes, and she looks like she hasn’t eaten in weeks.” The Man laughed through the phone but then his back went straight. The man walked back to one of the vans.  Lilly could hear screams coming from the van.  Whoever the man in black had on his phone was the head of the system. 

The ride was long; Octavia and Jack had handcuffs that were hooked to the van.  Lilly’s whole body was handcuffed to the van; whenever she tried to move, she would get little cuts on her wrist.   

They arrived outside of a building; it was white with a lot of windows.  They took Jack in and then Octavia. Lilly waited for her turn to be roughly taken like them, but it never came.  The only thing that did come was a man in a black suit.  His belt was leather, he was in pretty good shape, his grey eyes looked young and filled with fire, and his hair was a light brown with blonde streaks that had been lightened from the sun. He slowly undid Lily’s handcuffs.  Then he reached for Lilly’s hand and helped her up.  The man looked around 43 years old.

“Come on. I am not going to hurt you,”  he said, shaking his hand with a smile on his face.

“How do I know that?” Lilly yelled. She pulled her hand away.

“Let’s cut to the chase. You are my daughter and I am here to help you. Or, more you help me.  If you let me teach you how to use your powers, your friends don’t disappear.  If not, I will burn the whole forest until I find everyone. Do you understand?” he asked.

 He looked at Lilly with sharp eyes.  Lilly didn’t know what to do. She would save her friends if he taught her to use her powers, but he could make them disappear anyway. Lilly’s heart pounded in her rib cage.  She was going to hope that her friends stayed alive.  

“Ok. Teach me my powers, old man,”  Lilly mumbled. Her hard eyes were gazing up at her father.

Her dad chuckled and shook his head, “You’re just like me.”