Penny’s Perspective on People #16


Penny the Hedgehog, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats – Entry #16

Heyo! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine, you may ask?  Well, I treated myself to cat food and cat treats. I must have gained 5 pounds because I almost ate the whole bowl! My father offered me turkey, but he knows I’m vegetarian. (But if it comes to bacon, I’m breaking that rule.)

I also put my snowman skills to the test, and I made a snowman!

I have also been doing some doggy yoga because being a hedgehog is rough. I have to wake up every morning to brush my quills and run on my wheel, which is how I stay so fit.

My father “accidentally” broke my bowl, which made me mad because my old one smelled like me and the new one doesn’t.

I have been doing some house (cage) cleaning in my cage lately. I have to get my cage in tip-top shape for the holiday and I have to decorate my cage for Christmas. I have a Christmas tree, and one of my presents definitely a Lego StarWars ship. I want a Lego StarWars ship because then I can start flying around. I also want a new blanket because a sweatshirt kinda stinks and I been ripping it apart so it’s not as good. 

Well, I’ll see you on Christmas. Goodbye! Have a good week!