The Mandalorian Episode 14


Sophia K. Bell and Abigail McDowell

Season 2, Episode 14 — Review

WELCOME back, folks!  Let’s review who we are and a few things to know before we start.

First, we are Abigail Mcdowell (AM) and Sophia Bell (SB), two sixth graders at Westlake who love Star Wars.

This is our Star Wars Review Series. We are on our second episode of our series, during which we will review a Star Wars related TV show, movie, or other artifact. 

AM: We use our unvarnished opinions and point out the good and bad. We will have spoilers, so cover your eyes, not ears, if you have no interest in spoilers, If you however would like us to be like my Grandpa and spoil it all, please continue continue reading.

SB: We are covering The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 14, “The Tragedy”, as seen on Disney+. We also discussed this episode in our Star Wars Club meeting on Tuesday. 

AM: Right, now let’s dive in. Far far away in a school newspaper, we start our review! 

SB: This was a very intense episode! First, we see the Mandalorian and Grogu show up at a Jedi Temple. 

AM: But even before that, poor Mando is trying to teach Grogu how to use the force. And he has no experience.  I heard Grogu had many masters. Did he annoy them all to the brink? If so, Mando is in for a treat.

SB: Isn’t it hilarious that a Mandalorian and a Padawan are an inseparable duo now? 

AM: Yeah, and we thought that a Mandalorian and a Gray Jedi was weird.

SB: Ha ha, yes! But, they are still an awesome duo. 

AM: So awesome.  But I want to ask you, do you think that Grogu would use the force to save Mando?

SB: He would! I think their relationship seems father-son. The acting is quite impressive, once you consider Grogu is nothing more than a plastic thing on the actual set. But we must talk about the spaceship. More importantly, who showed  up! We saw none other than Boba Fett! 

AM: Yes, and Boba Fett had a bounty on poor Grogu. If Grogu were to be kidnapped and he is fifty, wouldn’t it be adultnapped?

SB: Adultnapped? Really? And technically, he is not considered an adult in his species.

AM: Fair enough, and were they staying six feet apart?

SB: No…but let’s move on to the bombshell: Boba Fett is alive! He somehow escaped the Sarlacc he fell into, and came back!

AM: Yes, he came back! Did he escape the sarlacc pit or did he avoid it in the first place?

SB: I have no idea. But the point is, he’s back. And Grogu was in a force field on a rock, calling out to force users, and Mando cannot get him out. 

AM: Have you considered he does not WANT to be out?  The field may protect him because he wants it to.

SB: But, he is also not aware of what is going on. 

AM: He was not aware of what was happening, but I am sure he could sense it.  He just might not have known it.

SB: And that is bad, because two ships of stormtroopers showed up to get Grogu. 

AM: With those moves Boba Fett used to take out the troopers, he was a full blown Mandalorian.

SB: And the woman with him, Fennec Shand, was pretty awesome too, taking out trooper after trooper. With the many disturbances around them, Mando forgot his jetpack on the ground below him after running to see if Grogu was alright. But this was a fatal mistake. Before he could get to him, 4 Darth Vader-Iron man things took Grogu, and soared back to the star destroyer. Sent on the orders of Greef Karga. 

AM: If Grogu was protected, how could he be taken?

SB: The force field dropped seconds ago, and Grogu was exhausted from using the force. 

AM: What is Mando to do? Go after him or go ask Ahsoka for help? Although Boba Fett is helping him from a promise they made in the beginning of the episode, this could be curtains for Grogu.

SB: Let’s hope they save Grogu in time.  On that note, thank you for reading!

AM: Goodbye! See you next time!