The Mandalorian Episode 13


Sophia K. Bell and Abigail McDowell

Season 2, Episode 13 — Review

WELCOME!  We are Abigail Mcdowell (AM) and Sophia Bell (SB), two sixth graders at Westlake who love Star Wars.

This is our Star Wars Review Series.  This is our first episode of our series, during which we will review a Star Wars related TV show, movie, or other artifact.   Today, we are bringing you this review of The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 13, “The Jedi”, as seen on Disney+.  

We warn you: There will be spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk. 

 Abigail McDowell (AM): Welcome to our discussion for this week. 

Sophia Bell (SB): We will be talking about The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 13, “The Jedi.”

AM: In this episode, we found a familiar face, from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Her name is Ahsoka Tano. 

SB: This was her first live-action appearance. 

AM: She looked accurate, except for the horns. They were super short.

SB: I also noticed that although the markings were accurate, the makeup was very heavy and made her almost look animated. Anything else you noticed about the appearance? 

AM:  I noticed that the horns were the worst prosthetic available because if you looked closely and did not fangirl, you would notice the scrunch in her headtails and how sensitive they were, moving at every head jerk.

SB: Aside from the bizarre animation to live-action transformation, do you think the character carried over well, personality-wise? 

AM: Rosario Dawson is a very good actor, using her own spunk to make Ahsoka spunky just like in Clone Wars. 

SB: I have to agree with you there. I think that the casting was very good. 

AM: Okay, I feel that Star Wars could have come up with a better name than Grogu.  But I have a feeling that it will be important in the future. 

SB: They did have to come up with a name to use, but Grogu is pretty bad. I think the name will be an important item to use in the future, as well. 

AM: I wonder if Ahsoka might not appear again until the final episode where the Mandalorian finds who she was looking for – that is, if he does.

SB: If she even appears at all, but I think she should just make sure that her importance is clear.

AM: Should we discuss Morgan Elsbeth, the lady who promised to give Mando the Beskar spear if he killed Ahsoka.

SB:   That lady is very dangerous and threatening to all of the citizens. 

AM: Yes she is very cruel. We had heard a small amount of backstory – should we cover it?

SB: Sure, I think it could be useful. She saw the rest of her tribe die in a massacre, and then she let her rage and sorrow turn her into a bitter, terrible person. 

AM: Yes, it was not just a tribe, though. It was a planet. I believe that she lost loved ones and cut herself off from love so that she would never feel loss again. While the surface is horrible, we can also see that the inside of the planet was harmed.

SB: Cutting off love has some dangerous consequences. 

AM: Yes, it does, you have no sympathy for anyone. 

SB: But we have to talk about the three very awesome fight scenes. Firstly, Ahsoka vs. Mando. That was pretty cool to see. 

AM: Yes, I was excited to see Ahsoka up close in action. We should be glad Mando had Beskar, otherwise the show would have been over.  How he knows that is Ahsoka, I do not know. 

SB: Yes, I think that was kind of mysterious, but he was probably just guessing. Now, onto the guy working for Morgan Elsbeth who never got a name vs. Mando. I think that was pretty obvious who would win. 

AM: I believe his name was Lang, and when Lang surrendered, we all knew what he was going to do. And Mando was just a little faster. 

SB: True, it is not a new concept. Now lastly, onto Morgan Elsbeth vs. Ahsoka Tano. Talk about an intense battle!

AM: Yes! Morgan was quite the fighter, expecting every attack. Although what I don’t think she was expecting was taking away a lightsaber to make Ahsoka more aggressive.

SB: I do wonder if Ahsoka will get her lightsaber back, as it fell into the water. And she definitely got more aggressive as the battle went on. She apparently really wanted information. 

AM:  Yeah, one complaint about Ahsoka using the force is that she lost her connection to the force. In the end of Clone Wars she used all of her connection to the force to prevent Maul from escaping, which failed. 

SB: But she could have ended up building it up again. But still, plot hole! 

AM: Is rebuilding the Force possible without a teacher? I don’t know, but yeah, plot hole. And for those of you who think it, she is not Ahsitha Tano.

SB: I think it could be possible, if she worked hard enough. But we must cut ourselves off there, as we could go down a long hole with that discussion. 

AM: Let’s wrap it up with a little bit of cooing because Grogu got his round metal ball. 

SB: I know! He revealed himself to use the force with ease, despite him being exhausted afterwards. I have to say, although Ahsoka will not be training him, he will still be successful. He is also very adorable, like a green pug with pointy ears and a six pack on his head. 

AM: *coos*

SB: Thank you for reading this review of The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 13, “The Jedi”. See you next time! 

AM: Goodbye!