Poems by Victoria – Chapter 2

Poems for the people.


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer

Take all of these poems to heart and search through them. What you find might surprise you…


Often was taken for granted, 

What we have is not thought of, 

How comfortable we are,

We live in happiness, 

We live without fear, 

But please remember, 

Not everyone has freedom.


Freedom may not be near to those closest to you, 

They might have the riches of the world,

But yet they do not have what you have.



Darkness takes over, 

The light is gone, 

Hearts are frozen like an icicle on a roof. 


Dust is lurking in the air, 

Heat is burning, 

The ground is as dark as chocolate.


Everything is gone, 

Time is ticking, 

Water is running, 

Nothing is right, 

Nothing is wrong, 

Fear is the worst, 

Fear is what makes us hurt, 

A burning inside, 

Willing to get out,

All you want to do is shout, 

But your lips are frozen,

And your breath is little. 



Inside you, 

Is a heart that beats,

Rhythms like everyone, 

But your’s is in sync,

Beating the same,

Talking the same,

Being the same, 

As everyone. 


The worst is to be overtaken, 

Not by your work, 

Not by time, 

Not by your hobbies, 

But by those around you.