A Different World – Chapter 8


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer


Chapter Eight: Months and Her Father

Lilly’s friends have been captured by her evil father…but why call him that anymore? He loved Lilly enough to break out of the system, and yet he wants to use her so he can win a stupid war.  A stupid war against kids. Lilly needs to get out of here. 

Lilly had been with her father for 3 months now, awaiting the time when she was strong enough to fight him and his men.  They gave her a room. The room had one window and was shaped in a perfect square.  It was more of a cell, with the bars lining up her room so that the men in black could see her at all times. But at least she had a private bathroom. 

Every morning at 8:00 am, her father would come in and drag her to a row of cells on the lower floor (which is where they kept Octavia and Jack).  Then from 8:10-9:00, they would practice her powers. She would be sent to her room for a 30-minute breakfast, which always consisted of a blueberry scone that was harder than a rock and spoiled milk. 

After breakfast, her father would take her back to the cell and train her until 5:00 pm.  She would then be taken back to her room and go to sleep. 

Most of her nights were restless. All she could think about was Octavia and Jack, who were kept in huge tanks that were full of blue oxygen. The walls of the cells were orange, but not a friendly burnt orange – more like a blood orange. 

The flashes she had back at home (though she didn’t think it was much of her home now) weren’t of her dad, but what her dad did.