A Different World: Chapter 9


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer




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Three months go by quickly. But Lilly can’t seem to do it. To do what she has to do. But she knows she has to do it save her friends. 

It had been 6 months since Lilly was taken. Lilly was perfect with her powers, although her father didn’t think so. Lilly would take control of his mind. In doing this, her father now had black greasy hair, steel eyes, he looked as if he weighed 700 pounds, and he had to use a wheelchair to get around. 

Since Jack had been in the oxygen tank, it looked as if he was all skin and bones.  Octavia had fared much worse.  While they fed Jack every week, she was being fed every month.  She had no weight on her, and she looked skinnier than Amber.  

Lilly feared that every day they got worse. One time she tried to convince one of the guards to show her how to let them out, but when he did, it took all the oxygen away from Jack.  Making Jack wake up meant Jack would be out of oxygen.  

Today, Lilly went into their room again.  She needed to figure out how to do this or they might be stuck there forever.  

Lilly entered the tiny room with bright orange walls. Jack and Octavia were facing each other.  Through the back of the pods were two clear pipes.  One pipe made the blue oxygen come through, while the other had mold inside of it from giving them food and water. On top of the food and water pipe was a large plastic bucket that hung to the ceiling.  They put the food in here, which is how Jack and Octavia ate. 

Lilly had saved a few pieces of scone from her breakfast this morning.  She split it in half and added it to the buckets.  She slowly walked around to where Octavia was and gazed at her.  She wasn’t the same fighter Lilly had gotten to know 6 months ago. Lilly’s head dropped.  She started to cry… but then she noticed something.  There was a green pedal about the size of a mouse.  It was on the floor and connected to Octavia’s tank. 

“Well, if I press it, I could hurt her.  If I don’t press it, then I could hurt her.  This is the only way out,” thought Lilly.

She stepped on the pedal.  For a second nothing happened.  But then there was a loud, “BOOM!”  The guards were outside banging on the glass window. Lilly stopped them with her mind-controlling powers and sent them back to work. 

Lilly stepped on the pedal again. There was a high-pressure air sound. 

“Oh no! Did I hurt her?”  Lilly questioned her thoughts, and started to think of ways to help, but she didn’t know any. 

Then a pipe from the ceiling that Lilly had never seen before came and put a brown liquid into Octavia’s and Jack’s buckets. The brown liquid went so fast, Lilly didn’t even have a chance to stop it from reaching one of their pods. 

Something strange happened.  Suddenly Octavia looked back to normal.  Her eyes were open, and so were Jack’s.  Lilly pressed on the pedal one more time, and both pods opened. 

“OMG!!!! YOU GUYS! Nebdjkajbdhbew.”  The rest was muffed out by Lilly’s cries. 

“How long have we been here!?!” Octavia asked urgently, touching the glass of her pod.

Lilly was hugging Jack and said, “6 months, I tried-.”

“6 MONTHS!  ARE YOU JOKING?!?!”  Jack pushed Lilly onto the floor. 

“N-n-no..”  Lilly explained quietly. 

“ARE YOU DUMB?!?!?  We need to get going!  You don’t know how to use your powers and we have to fight all of those guys.  And since we have been here so long, we can only use our strongest power,”  Octavia roared; grabbing Lilly and Jack’s hands and pulling them towards the door. 

“STOP!” Lilly yelled, her hair standing up like a lightning bolt.  Her eyes turned a hard white color.  Octavia’s and Jack’s hands burned from heat, but they didn’t dare let go. 

“I SAVED YOUR LIFE! I LEARNED HOW TO USE MY POWERS AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?” Lilly screeched, which made Octavia’s and Jack’s hands glow pale white with heat. 

“No, we’re sorry…”  Jack looked scared. His eyes darted around the room. 

“But you can’t do this alone, Lilly. We are still going to need to use our strongest power. I am sorry, Octavia…this might hurt,” Jack explained sorrowfully. 

 Before Octivia could stop him, he started to grow scales on his hands and black wings that grew fire out of them. His eyes turned a fiery red with a bright orange hint. His nails grew thick and long, cutting Lilly’s skin.  Her skin regrew every time a drop of blood came out.  A tear dropped out of his eye before his back started to stretch up three feet. 

Helicopters wings started to beat above; the kids had finally gotten Lilly’s message. Jack rose to the sky.  He flew through the ceiling.

“Oh, no… this isn’t good.  We have got to get going,” Octavia said, pulling Lilly through the doorway and down the orange halls.  Everywhere they went, Lilly made the guards stay away from them, controlling their minds. 

They reached a steel door. Lilly had never been this far in the building. She broke off the handle and the three locks on the door.  When she pushed open the door,  there were 500 guards, huge black vans, and just beyond them, was a large garage door. 

“GET THEM!” The men in black screamed at the top of their lungs, running at them.  Lilly blasted them with lava.  Octavia threw them up into the air, each landing with a hard “THUMP!”

“That’s her strongest power? Not her mind-reading,” Lilly thought.  She wondered why Jack wasn’t the leader. 

A helicopter came down through the garage door. Other kids with power started to come out.  Two of them, Lilly noticed, were Amber and Superman. Soon the men in black were in piles.  A girl with dark skin and fuzzy hair ran over to Lilly and Octavia.  

“Come on, we’ve got to get you to the helicopter before Jack gets hurt. Oh, and by the way, my name is Jackcy (Jack-c),” She yelled at Lilly and Octavia. 

Lilly jumped in the helicopter with the other kids, they took off. 

Jack was blowing lava out of his mouth and hands, and it made the vans molten lava, which seeped through the floor, destroying all the floors beneath.  

Once Jack saw the helicopters, he flew towards them. Jack knew that deep down in his heart, those were his friends. He flew beside the helicopter. The kids inside were cheering joyfully for him and made the dragon smile. 

The helicopter flew for about 30 minutes before landing in one of the system towns. 

“Come on, we’ve got to go. We don’t have much time,” said Jackcy. She hopped out of the helicopter. 

“We have to jump off the earth.”