How to train your dog!

February 9, 2021

Have you ever had trouble teaching your dog to do tricks? If you have, then this is good advice for you! I got a puppy in early January and he is actually more calm than I thought! I have never tried teaching dogs tricks before but I have been reading about tricks I would love to teach my new dog such as… rolling over, handshaking, going through a tube, jumping through a hoop, and jumping on his hind legs. Now, these are just options, so you do not have to do all of these tricks, but I just thought it would be a range of options for you readers to choose from. Now, I am not an expert (yet) in tricks, so that is why I am just going to talk about the basic training tips (because I have done them before)!

So, I know you first you will need some small training treats you can give him/her. Something I had a problem with though was feeding him treats, this may just be the kind of breed I have but we did find a treat that he did like, small pieces of cheese! If your dog does like treats I would recommend any that are small and chewy because you do not want anything too filling for your dog. Next, you need an open space so you have some room to work with your dog. After you have cleared a space, it is now time to start training. 

I am going to start by talking about how to teach your dog to sit. First, you need a couple of training treats (Advice about treats in the paragraph above!). Next, you will need your dog/puppy with you. To start with the training you need to hold one treat and say, “sit” as you push their backside down. After you you do this a couple of times, depending on how fast your dog gets it, you may need to practice a little every day if you want it to work. My experience is to just repeat a little every day so they eventually know what they are doing and understand if you say, “sit,” then they will do it. If you repeat these steps then your dog will be sitting in no time! I guess that is all the time we have! Bye!