Chapter 10: A Different World


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer




Jackcy wants to jump off of the earth. This girl is even crazier than Lilly thought. They might never get off of this “Earth.”

“What do you mean, jump off the earth?!” Lilly questioned Jackcy’s thoughts.  Lilly’s eyes dimmed a lighter grey.

“Not jump,” Jackcy explained, slowing her pace. 

“We need Jack, which is why none of us have ever gotten away from the towns. There are three towns.  Right now, we are in the town of Charles.  We hover above the real world.  If we jump off, we will hurt ourselves.  Jack is the only dragon who is strong enough…besides you, but of course, you are not a dragon,” Jackcy said as she twirled her hair slowly. 

“How do you know so much about me?! I don’t even know who you are,” Lilly said. She was flabbergasted.   “Why did everyone know her?” she asked herself. 

“Abner can see into the future,” Jackcy mumbled. 

She pointed to a boy with white eyes that contained no pupils.  He had no legs and dark black hair. 

“He said that he didn’t know if you were going to be good or bad, but he did know that you were going to have the best power of us all,” Jackcy said quietly.  She looked a little mad like she probably wanted to be the one to save them all.

“So what do I and Jack need to do,” Lilly asked.  So much had happened over the last 6 and 1/2 months that nothing surprised her anymore.

“You need to say something…uh, I forget what it is though. ABNER!” Jackcy yelled. 

She called the strange boy over to them. He glided slowly over to where they stood, hovering over the cold dirt.  That is when Lilly finally took time to realize where they were: on the edge of a town in a forest. From between the trees, there was a town that was made of bricks and the roofs were made out of iron. 

“Hello, Queen Lilly. You need to say the words, ‘A human, a place, a different world.’  Then you shall turn into a huge creature. If you say ‘eight, four, three, nine’ then you will become normal again,” Abner told Lilly.

“Ok, then… I guess I am ready,” Lilly sighed. Lilly’s heart was beating faster than a drum in a rock concert. 

“A human, a place, a different world,” Lilly breathed heavily.  As soon as the words fumbled out of her mouth, she grew to be the size of five bears. Lilly’s hair raveled into a tight bun, her skin turned soft like buttercream, her eyes turned all grey with no purple or white.

All of the kids ran towards the helicopters, hoping that Abner’s prophecy was right. 

Lilly started to talk to Jack in a weird dragon language.  Although Jack wasn’t a full dragon, his mind was like one. Jack seemed to understand what Lilly was saying and he picked up a helicopter with kids inside.  He flew over the treetops and started to head to the end of the earth. 

Lilly picked up a helicopter as well, and it contained the rest of the kids. She flew quickly over to Jack, who was throwing the helicopters around accidentally while flying.

Then Jack spread his huge back wings that were lit on fire and flew quickly down to a field that the towns were hovering above.

Lilly followed Jack down and dropped the helicopter 10 feet above the ground. The kids hit the ground hard, many of them falling out.  But even with cuts that started bleeding, they still cheered with joy. They cried and kissed the ground. They had never seen real earth.

“WE DID IT,” Jackcy yelled. She pumped her fists into the air and cried. Amber sprayed Jack with water and made him turn back to his normal self. 

“Come on! We can be free now!” Amber yelled up at Lilly.

“No…the other kids and adults are going to break out of the system, too.  I need to give them freedom.” Lilly turned her head back towards where she thought the other world was.

“What are you going to do, Lilly?  We are free!” Superman yelled, flying to her ear so she could hear him. 

Lilly turned towards Superman. “I am going to destroy the system.”