The Adventure of Getting a Puppy!

Emma Smith, Dedicated Writer

Bodie day: January 16th


Now: January 14th

As I am writing this right now, we have not gotten our new puppy Bodie but, with only two days away, I will need some advice from someone who has been through it all. That person is Olivia Hornsby. I will interview her with 10 questions so I prepared with any last-minute things to get our new puppy. After I interview Olivia, we will have our new puppy! Every day for six days, I will write something that we have done with him, something that was a struggle, or something that I LOVE about him.

My interview:

  1. What did you do when you first saw your new puppy, Sadie? 

I was so excited! She was so small she could fit in a basket, and I was so happy that I have finally got a puppy! Sadie is also a corgi so she was super cute!


  1. I know that you got Sadie as a surprise but, how did you prepare?

I did lots of research on how to care for puppies (specifically corgis) and how to train them.


  1. What kinds of toys did you get her that she liked?

She loved anything with a squeaker in it, and she also loved things she could chew on for a long time.


  1. Any advice on what toys to get Bodie?

You can get him really anything and he’ll probably like it, but when he’s teething tougher things are better so he doesn’t chew everything!


  1. Is Sadie crate trained? If so, how long did it take you to get her crate trained?

She is crate trained, and it didn’t take that long. I think it helped a lot that there was a blanket in there, and sometimes we would just leave her in her crate for a while so she could get used to it, which didn’t take very long.


  1. Did Sadie cry the first night she had to sleep in her crate? If so, does she still cry?

She cried a little bit but that was only when she had to go to the bathroom, and now she just wakes up and sits in her crate and doesn’t cry very much.


  1. What advice do you have to make sure Bodie is not crazy all of the time?

Just make sure he has lots of time to play outside and he will probably love to chaise his toys around the house!


  1. Does Sadie like to snuggle? Any advice on how to get Bodie to like to snuggle?

Sadie likes to just lay down right next to you, and if you put her on your lap she’ll stay there, and to get Bodie to do that, just hold him as much as you can and if you want him to lay down next to you, just get one of his toys and play with him, then sit down and he’ll probably come over to you.


  1. What things can I look forward to?

Really, everything is super fun! It is so cute when they get to see new things (like snow, leaves getting blown, etc.), and they are just so cute and funny!


  1. Any other advice?

Just make sure to watch what he eats or where he walks because there are lots of things to eat and you don’t want him to get sick!


Now: January 15th

That was a big help from Olivia! I think I am ready to get our puppy! We have been waiting for about 1 and a half MONTHS and I am soooo ready. I have all of my toys to bring and treats ready. We have to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow which is very early but, I am actually glad that we have to get up at that time because I feel like the day would take absolutely FOREVER if we had to wait until like 5:00 pm. I have not said what breed Bodie is yet, he is a mini Australian shepherd. It is a herding breed and they also are pretty easy to train if you want them to do tricks. I can’t even explain how excited I am to get Bodie. I will be back on January 19th to talk about how my experience is going.


Now: January 19th

We now have Bodie! He has been having so much fun and has been sleeping a LOT! We got him used to his crate the second day we had him. He cried in the crate a lot the first night. He is crying mostly because he is scared. He does not want us to just leave him there, which is why he is crying. But he is getting a whole lot better, not crying as much, but still crying a little bit.  Also, he really seems interested in people, not that he has no interest in toys but, he is really sweet, and loves to cuddle!


Now: January 20th

It is so amazing having a cute little puppy! There have been so many things that I just can’t get over with him. Last night, he was SOOOO good and he actually made it through the whole night without having to go to the bathroom. One thing that we have been struggling with is getting him to go to the bathroom outside. All we have to do is take him outside straight away if we see it happening.  We usually take him outside for a minute or two, then if he does not do anything, we take him back in. After a 30 minute break, we will take him out again so he does not do anything in the house.

Click here to see Bodie!

Now: January 21st

Again, Bodie is being adorable! I hope you enjoyed the video of him. Most of the photos are from the past few days but some of them are a little earlier. The weirdest thing about him is that he likes to sleep with me and my family’s shoes (as you could tell in the video).

Now: January 22nd

Bodie has been doing amazing. My family and I are very glad that we got the breed that we got, because he is very calm, very smart, and just LOVES people! We wanted the breed in the first place because my sister had always liked the breed and we thought it would be a fun kind of dog to have. My family and I wanted a breed that would be somewhat small, loved to sit in your lap and a breed that will be able to walk and hike. Mini Aussies can DEFINITELY hike! Not right away but, in a couple of months, he will be able to hike for days. He loves to cuddle and he will be small as well, which makes him the perfect breed for us.

Now: January 23rd

This is the last day that I will be writing about my new puppy, Bodie. He doing great! We have been working on leash training pretty well but we still have some work to do. He is a little scared to go for walks when all of the family is not with us (including our other dog!) He can’t go on hikes yet because we do not want him to get any diseases that wild animals might carry. In a couple of months, he will be ready for a bunch of new adventures. There has been a lot of crying in the crate and bathroom in the house. But there have also been so many good things like funny moments, cuddle time, and so much more! The day that we got Bodie was one of the best days of my life, and I am so glad I got to experience the adventure of getting a puppy!