Penny’s Perspective on People #17



Hello! How was your Christmas break / New Years? My Christmas break was pretty good, although I mostly slept through my break. I had to spend time with my father most of the time. He would either cuddle with me or play his violin.

My Christmas was pretty boring at the beginning since I was mostly sleeping, but I finally woke up and my father opened my presents for me. I got cat treats with some little cardboard pieces and a dig box for me to play in. Usually people put wood shavings or a cat toys in a dig box, but my dig box was full of pom pom balls. (You can see me in my dig box, on the right.)  He told me it was all mine, and I accidentally pooped right in the box.

He also got a tortilla blanket just for me. The blanket is quite comfortable and who doesn’t want to be a burrito?

My New Year’s was pretty boring too, since I can’t have chocolate. But I mostly slept throughout the day. When it was night time, explosions kept going off for hours, and it kinda scared me. But at least I made it throughout the night.

To be honest, 2021 doesn’t feel so different.

My father has gone back to school two days a week and I’m so excited!  He isn’t driving me crazy singing my name throughout the day as much, but is still panicking in the morning when he thinks he’s going to be late. I can’t wait until he goes back to school in the building full time! He also has to feed my brother, Fish. Fish and I really haven’t talked, since I’m a hedgehog and he’s a fish. He usually angers my father by ignoring his food pieces, or he eats his food pieces and then spits them out.

Well, goodbye! Have a good week! Bye!!