A Different World: Chapter 11


Chapter Eleven: Not Everyone Can be Saved

Chapter 12 is the last chapter in book one! Chapter 12 will be posted on Friday! It has been a long journey, but we finally made it!


Lilly has saved her friends, but what about the other kids?

“Lilly, I must come with you! We can make the system fall together,” Amber screeched. She stretched her neck up as much as she could. 

“No…Lilly must go alone.  If she doesn’t, the system will find us, and no one will ever be free,” Abner said calmly, as he turned towards all of the kids.  Lilly could have said that she would have liked Amber to come, but she wasn’t going to fight Abner on it. 

“Very well then. I will go alone. Jackcy, go find out who owns this land and ask if you guys can stay a little while,” Lilly squeaked. She was trying to look brave. 

“Fine. Whatever you want,” Jackcy said annoyed; she rolled her eyes and started to march off with the other kids. Lilly started to fly up towards where the town was. Even from 20 feet away, you couldn’t see inside of it.  But Lilly knew where it was; she blasted through the invisible barrier.

After about 35 minutes, Lilly reached the system headquarters. Most of the men in black were still in piles. The men who had been blasted with Jack’s lava had a few scratches but nothing bad. Lilly’s hands turned hot with anger.  These men who had put her friends in agony got away with it with almost nothing bad happening to them!  Lilly blasted the building with her hands. Burning bricks went flying everywhere. 

Then Lilly moved on to a part of the building that had not been hit… the blue bar factory. She struck it with lighting, which made the metal build up energy.  The whole factory only took a few seconds before it was torn into shreds.  

Lilly flew towards the town of Babwick.  The kids had broken out of the system. Lilly smiled; she saw them all looking around for the first time. 

“Follow me! I will take you to Earth,” Lilly screamed.  The kids had never been out of the system before. As Lilly had been, they were very trusting. Lilly took them to the Tower of Looks and they started to change.  Lilly let out a big tear that was the size of a lake. She would have never thought that her world was fake or that she would ever see this many kids out of the system. 

“Stay here, I will be back with other kids from the town of Amethur,” Lilly explained. 

About an hour later, all of the kids were at the Tower of Looks. 

Slowly and carefully, Lilly took each group of kids down to earth. Now it was time for the parents, though Lilly didn’t know how she was going to get them. The parents needed to love their kids to break out of the system.  None of the parents truly loved their kids enough. Lilly flew over to the small cottage, which is where the owner of the farm lived. 

“AMBER! OCTAVIA! JACK! SUPERMAN! CAN YOU PLEASE COME HERE,” Lilly shrieked at the top of her lungs. The ground shook as dust flew up in the air.  All at once, they all came running out of the farm owner’s little stone house.

“Yes, Lilly?” Jack asked, his hair was messed up from his sleeping. 

“I don’t know how to get the parents out of the system! I have already destroyed the headquarters, but they won’t wake up,” Lilly said. She crouched down so that her head just went a little above the house.

“There is nothing you can do, Lilly,” Octavia said. Her eyes met the floor. She looked very disappointed.

“I guess you’re right. At least we saved these kids, right?” Lilly asked, wanting their approval to justify her leaving the parents behind.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. I guess you can’t save everyone,” Amber whispered. She threw her dark black hair over her shoulder before turning back into the small stone cottage.