Ten Signs of the Month ~ Valentine’s Day Edition

Tyler Odum, Dedicated Writer

Welcome back to 10 Signs of the Month!

This month’s edition is all about Valentine’s Day! I’d like to thank my mom this time for helping me learn the signs for this edition! And now, the signs you’ve been waiting for!

Valentines: Point both index fingers at your heart (remember, your heart’s on the left!) and trace a heart shape.


February: Simple as F, E, B!

Love: Make an “X” over your chest.

Card: Act like you’re opening a Valentine’s Day card! (This is the same sign as “book!”)



Heart: (Same as “Valentines,” see above.)

Couple: The sign for “sweethearts,” two thumbs-up over your heart, bend your thumbs back and forth repeatedly.


Chocolate: Rest one “C” on top of the other, move it around in a circle.

Pink: Like red, ┬ábut with a “P” sign! (see below)

Red: Put your index finger on your chin, pull it down quick.

Cupid: Draw out wings and mime flapping, then mime pulling back a bowstring and let it loose!

Thank you for joining me with 10 Signs of the Month! Come back next month for the next edition!