Winter Sports


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Winter Ice Snow Sports Set includin cross country, freestyle skiiing, sowboarding, speed skating, sliding, bobsled, ski jumping, curling and figure skating. Male and female sportsman

Winter Sports

By: Brecklyn Laird


Winter Sports

People who live in cold regions and experience many snowy days have long enjoyed winter sports. Some of these many winter sports include Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, Ice skating, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Cross country skiing, tubing, and Ski mountaineering.  These activities have grown very popular over the years and have spread throughout the world. Today thousands of mountain towns have  winter sports, and millions of people take winter sports vacation and visit mountain resorts to participate in these activities. 


Tips For Participating in Winter Sports

One thing to note when doing winter sports is to always be prepared.  From my experience you need to make sure that you bring the correct equipment and gear needed (You also want to make sure that this equipment’s fit and wont do any damage when participating in a winter sport), staying warm, and making sure you do a winter sport in a local place (For example don’t go to a lake in your backyard that hasn’t been approved to go ice skating.) 


My Experience in Cross Country Skiing

One activity that my family started doing was cross country skiing. This is such an enjoyable sport. If you don’t ski this can be a sport for you. Basically it’s skiing and running mixed together. You wear skis and have poles but you are on mostly flat ground and you start off like you are walking but then you pick it up and you  just move your legs along like you are running. The most fun part in my opinion is the downhill part because you feel the wind in your face and the sun on your skin and you are going super fast. Going up a hill is a hard part but then you get rewarded and go downhill.  It is really fun. 


Be Open To New Ideas

Even if you don’t play a winter sport that is okay too. Sitting by the fire and drinking hot coco is always entertaining. Many people visit the mountains to see the beautiful white snow fall from the sky. Sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa make the experience so much more enjoyable and cozy.  If you play a winter sport or don’t you should try a new one and be open to new concepts. It might be different then what you are used to, but if you keep practicing you can get really good at it and start to enjoy it. 


Google Form Results

 I wanted to see what winter sport you guys play so I did a quiz. I did this google form to find out what winter sports interest you guys or if you don’t play a winter sport there are a bunch of ideas. Looking at the results I found out that the majority of you like to ski, and snowboard. But there was a very wide variety of different winter activities. I would like to thank everyone for filling out the google form.  Below are the results.