A Different World: Chapter 12

Westlake Middle School

A Different World: Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Westlake Middle School

I never thought the end would come…but now it is here. -Luna, third map, 4th dimension

“THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED! THAT IS IT?!?!” I yelled at Lilly, looking away.  I had been writing a story about HER for two months and she gives me this bad of an ending!

“Ya, that is all that happened.  Amber got adopted by someone in China, Octavia went into foster care, Jack got adopted by a couple in Canada, and I got adopted by Jack and Monica,” Lilly answered. She could tell that the end of her story was lame. 

“But why don’t you have powers anymore?” I asked. Right when I said it, I could see the question shocked her. 

“Why don’t I have powers anymore?!? Victoria! I told you all about why I don’t have powers so you could put it in your book about me,” Lilly yelled in my face.

“Well, I forgot.  I already have 11 chapters and  I don’t want more than 12,” I explained, pushing her mouth away from my ear. 

“Well, what are you going to do for the 12th chapter then, huh?” Lilly asked. She was agitated that I didn’t want to make my story longer. 

“I was going to thank you, but you are being kinda rude right now,” I said with a hard glare. I  focused my eyes on her face. 

“Ugh. Fine, I will tell you the rest of the story if you stop saying that I am rude, deal? We don’t have powers anymore because the parents finally broke out of the system after about 6 months. They slowly started to get clear eyes, instead of looking at whatever the other people in their category were looking at. When all of them got out of the system, they explored the dark green forests and the cyan blue lakes.  In doing so, they came across a tree that was a different color wood than the rest of the shaven brown tree bark. Slowly over time, they became intrigued.  So they opened the little chamber.  In this little chamber was a bright red button with a note attached.”

Then Lilly paused to take a deep breath. She was scared to talk about the events after. 

“The note said, ‘If you push this button, all of the system’s power that is still on the kids will come off.  In doing so, it will make them lose all powers, but it will make the system shut down completely.  Push if there is an uprising.’  And of course one of the parents touched it and the weakest kids lost all of their power. The strongest kids only have a little power left,” Lilly looked scared.  She was sweating like a waterfall from her forehead. 

“So…do you have any powers left?” After I asked this, I questioned my word choice.  I shouldn’t have said it at all. 

“Yes, I do,” Lilly explained, as she reached out for my hand. Her hand made my hand burn hot like an open fire, and then she made little lightning bolts come out of my hand into hers.  She made the electricity round into a little light ball. I looked closely, but then she shot the light into my non-working closet light, making it glow a mellow yellow. 

“Should last about a day or two. Anyway, I got to go. Tomorrow is my first day of high school and your first day of middle school at Westlake! Should be fun!” Lilly turned to leave my room.

I haven’t seen her since that day. 

But I hope she is safe and she is learning to like high school. Thank you, Lilly, for your story.


Dagny Waldron helped me with the story idea and the first, second, and third chapters. Dagny is my best friend and has made writing this story beyond fun. I would also like to thank Kaylynn Waldron for telling me about the Newspaper Club.

I would also like to thank Lilly for giving me her story. I had to make some adjustments for when she would be in the system during full moons. But she really helped me. 

Thank you to Lizzie, who as a friend has read all of my stories and gave me some great feedback. 

Thank you to my friend Ollie who also read all of the chapters and made some suggestions on them. 

Thanks to Sydney for helping me not only in this story but also in my myth story writing. 

Thank you Z. She read my story and even though she doesn’t go to my school, she really helped me along the way. 

My mom, my stepmom, my dad, my grandpa, my grandma.

Also thank you to  Olivia, Emma, Ally, Mia, Cat, Danny, Leslie, Elsie, Ava, Sophie, Morgan, Kennedy, Thea, Adriana, Paige, and Sophia, who were in my drawing for the 5th chapter and who are my friends. 

Also thank you to my sister Sophia. 

The New Book

The book, ” A Different World,” will be turned into a series of books, the next one is called, “A Different World; Lilly,” it takes you into a deeper part of the books, the author of this series is now in it, since she was friends with Lilly. There will be new faces that appear in this story, one character is a pirate-looking girl who also has powers, by the name of Jessie. Stay tuned for the next book!

Preview for, “A Different World; Lilly,”

I find myself reading more often these days. I go over books bound in black leather so many they could fill up my school and yet I can never find an answer to my question. 

I lose my thoughts in school after my second class…I don’t even know how I am passing. When I look over everything, I can’t find her. No matter what I do, she doesn’t whisper my name anymore. I just sit in silence trying to forget what they call me or why they call me crazy. 

Newspaper images about the missing girl echo in my mind. It is like no one cares anymore like no one wants to care. 

I should have never posted her story online…