Lilly: Chapter One

The People On the Phone

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

This is a continuation of my previous book, A Different World, which was published on this website in 12 chapters.  (Go back and check it out, if you haven’t already!).   This second book will go even deeper into adventures with the author, Abner,  Superman, Jack, and Octavia. 

I used to find myself poring over books in black leather, yet I could never find an answer to my question. 

During those days, I  would lose my thoughts in school after my second class…I would contemplate how I was even passing any of my classes.

I would look over everything, every box, bag, book, and store but I could never find Lilly.   Her name was hidden in stories that I tell, and everyone listens, but no one would tell others. It was a constant cycle that replayed in my mind.

Those days were terrifying.  My hands would shake due to the stress that covered me. It could have devoured me, pushing me into a tiny bubble.  No matter what I did, Lilly didn’t whisper my name anymore. I would just sit in silence, trying to forget that everyone at schools calls me crazy.  I didn’t talk at all.

Now I just breathe, a barely existing being just floating in the universe.  

Newspaper images still echo in my mind – all about the missing girl. It was like no one cared anymore or like no one wanted to care.  907 News used to talk about Lilly, but then they just stopped. I used to go up on my bike and pedal 5 miles to ask why she wasn’t in any papers, all the secretaries would say is, “Old news kid, now beat it.” 

I should have never posted her story online.

At the time I had just got in contact with Jack, it had taken me two months to find his number.  He used to live in Canada and was on the down-low. His parents live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and the only telephone line that works well is the one at the grocery store. I remember having to sit around all day, paying to try and reach that telephone booth.  Finally, as Jack was trying to call his Nanna, I broke through the call and just started to talk to him. He told me he had to go back home, but would call again soon. So now, I was just waiting on him.


My phone lightly vibrated in my pocket. An unknown phone number popped up.  The grocery store must not have a number, I thought.  The night wind from my window rushed into my bedroom and made the hair blanket over my face. I spit my hair out of my mouth and answered the phone quickly.   

“So you’re the one Lilly called me about,” he said. His voice sounded rough and sore, nothing like how it was before when we had talked on the phone. 

“You sound nothing like Jack,” I whispered softly into the phone.

“You sound nothing like Victoria.  Surprises come very rarely to me, and yet you are a surprise,” Jack answered.

“Let’s get down to business, Dragon Boy. When was the last time you came into contact with Lilly. K Darling?”

“Uh-,” his voice was cut off by my phone buzzing again.

“Hold on, I am getting another call,”  I explained.  Another gust of wind came into my room, this time carrying leaves that hit me right in the mouth. I angrily pushed the leaves off of my gold comforter and onto my floor, then answered the next call.   


“This is Jack. I am outside your house with Superman. Sorry about him throwing stuff into your room. I tried to stop him,” said a voice much sweeter sounding than the other one, the one on the other line.

A horrified look came across my face. My brown eyes stared at the other call coming through my phone from the unknown number. 

I then copied the unknown number into my phone and hung up on both calls.  

Why was someone trying to call me as Jack?  How did they know that I wanted to talk to him? I needed to find out, so I quickly opened my window and jumped onto my roof. Waiting there was a tall boy with long brown hair and a short boy who was levitating above the ground. I ran towards them and hugged them like they were characters from Harry Potter. Something about them just seemed right, it was like I knew who they were. I had learned so much about them by writing that story, they were almost kind of like friends to me.

I had so many questions, but all I could think about was Lilly and the newspapers. 

“Do you know where Lilly is? What happened to her? How can you fly?” I asked the two boys, whispering urgently.

When the system got shut off, Lilly had lost all of her powers. I didn’t understand how Superman was still flying.” A loud, “BANG,” came through the air, a little pocket of purple appeared. I was so utterly terrified that I wouldn’t let my eyes follow back, I stood rooted to the ground. Jack laughed a little as he grabbed my shoulder and turned me so I faced a girl with curly hair…Jackcy.

I was surprised to see her. I thought she hated Lilly. 

“Come on. It will take only a few months. But in your world, it will be two hours.”

“What do you mean months?” the words in my mouth stumbled out. My heart was pounding so fast that my hands shook from surprise. 

Superman flew up to me and held my right hand, while Jackcy was at my left. 

“Lilly told us you could help. She said that you would be the only way. I don’t think that letter wasn’t very helpful,” Jack said. His eyes started to glow a blood red and emerald green scales sprouted out of his back, making his spine curved into an arch. 

“What lett-,” I started to ask, but my question was cut off by Jack wrapping his giant wings around Jackcy, Superman, and me. My feet left the ground, and the only air that touched my face was from below me.  All I could see when I looked down was a huge city full of bright yellow lights. 

Jackcy then yelled something, a huge whirling sound came from above, and then a purple gap of space opened in the sky. With one more push of Jack’s dragon wings, we went through. The low oxygen levels made me fall into a deep, deep,  sleep.