Lilly: Chapter Two

A Companion to A Different World



Chapter Two: The Letter

I have been taken…and Lilly is gone. The last thing that I can think of is that phone number. Why did they call?

Jabs at my side woke me up, revealing 5 kids who I didn’t know.  I sat up quickly and gazed around. We were on a huge ship in the middle of a foggy ocean. The water was pitch black, along with the sky. The only light came from the moon, which passed through the clouds every so often.

My hands immediately started to feel cold and cramped. But my heart was filled with joy when I saw Amber, who was sitting on the lower deck bannister. 

“Wait, why am I here? What is going on? Have we found Lilly? Someone, please explain,” I asked. The wind was strong and blew my hair around. 

A voice from further in the boat came, but it was muffled by how far away I was. I stood up and walked on the creaky floorboards to get to the voice. 

A girl wearing ragged navy and red clothes stood at the wheel of the ship. Her way was being guided by a little glowing sun ball that she had made. 

“The name’s Jessie. I run this ship while Jackcy is away. I thought I might catch-,” she started saying, but then she was cut off by a huge rocking coming from one end of the ship.

A giant dragon and a girl with frizzy hair rode in. 

“Don’t, Jessie. She needs to read the letter.”

“WHAT Letter?” I asked, immediately curious. 

“You will find out soon,” Amber said, springing up behind me and taking me to the captain’s cabin. 

We entered a room that had burgundy curtains and a princess canopy bed. In the center of the room was a table stacked high with papers, with only one letter that had been opened. Amber walked up from behind me and grabbed the letter. 

A squeaking sound came from behind me, which I discovered was the door opening. Jack, Superman, and Octavia walked into the room. Octavia snatched the letter from Amber and stood in front of me. 

“You better read this. She requested only you. And it’s your fault,” Octavia said; she pushed the letter closer to me. 

I slowly unfolded it and glanced around the room.  All eyes were on me. I began to read quickly…this was the information I had been waiting months to learn.

They are on to me. The only one who can help is Victoria. She is from the 6th dimension.  She lives at 8931, Darryl Bell Lane. 
I saw her this summer. My powers grow weak in that dimension, but it was the only dimension that didn’t have my other-selves. People from dimension 4 are after me, after you. Their magnetic force brought them to Victoria, and the story she wrote online. They hacked into her computer.
They got the power of my light orb that I made to light her closet.  Now they are tracking me by it. 
Victoria is from a world called, “Earth,” in the year 2020-2027. She has only shifted dimensions once, and that was to go to “Hogwarts.”  But she knows how to survive without the fourth dimension tracking her. You need to learn from her so that she can get you to me.  A war is brewing between you and the fourth dimension. Please go find her. 

“What does this all mean?” I asked Octavia after I finished reading the letter. 

“It means that there is someone from another dimension out to get Lilly and all of us. We all went to the third dimension, while Lilly had to go to the 6th which is why she knows you.

There is one person in each dimension that looks like you.

We were born in a world that hovered above ‘Earth’ but not your Earth. That dimension is the second dimension,” Octavia explained roughly. 

She quickly walked to the left side of the cabin and gestured me over. Laying on the floor was 20 maps. Each map had 6 dimensions on it. 

The first map used vibrant colors of blue and yellow, with fluorescent black arcing the sky of the little round orbs. Octavia pointed at the map. 

“This dimension is called the old ages. It has new tech but it has people who still believe in kings, queens, and fights. I was able to get there but the 4th dimension tracked me. A girl named Luna lives there,” Octavia explained.

I looked over the map…it looked like a cool place. 

“Anyway, we don’t know where Lilly is and you are the only one who knows how to shift so…so teach us.” Octavia stared into my eyes.  It was like she reached into my soul and pulled out all of the bad things that had happened and turned them into hope.

But that hope soon vanished. 

“I can try and teach you…but it is going to be hard,” I said.

Amber came up behind my back and slapped it.

 Jessie stood next to me, “Well, then we better start.”