Chapter 3: More Poems by Victoria

Chapter 3: More Poems by Victoria

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

This poem is based on the idea of trying, not losing who you want to be or are. 

Have Hope

Everything comes to an end.

Stars turn to dust, their wonderful gold-like glaze turns into faint black-like grime that is a cosmogyral, just floating through the universe.

People often float around the universe, their lives slowly ending… even the logophile’s words won’t last long.

Peace breaks too. No one can keep it, like kings in a shiny army…their friends slowly fall. While being as a person with irenic views, they are now war-loving. Their blood boils with rage.


But why does this circle not end?

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place

You must trust in your instincts and everything else you know

or you will come to an end

But you will not know if you do not try.