National Days!

Have you ever thought about celebrating days for no reason? If you have that problem then here is a reason to celebrate days of the year. As you read think about which ones you would want to celebrate in March.


March National Days

March 1 – National share a smile day

March 2 – National banana cream pie day

March 15 – National peanut lovers day

March 16 – National panda day

March 19 – National chocolate caramel day

March 21 – National french bread day

March 23 – National chip and dip day

March 25 – National waffle day


The national days in March are limited, but there are always ways to celebrate when you can!


I hope you choose to celebrate some of these holidays in March! If you would like, vote on which ones you would most want to celebrate and I will show the results next time… Bye!

Here is the link to the google form…


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