Choir Masks News Brief

March 16, 2021

With a new chapter of learning, comes new items needed for success. One of those items is the all-new singing mask, with a magical ability to allow us to sing and not get COVID. In the old days of 2019 and even the start of 2020, we could sing in the class as we liked. Now we have a singing limit of thirty minutes.

While we are not preparing for a concert, we are still practicing sight-reading skills, and singing warm-ups. We are also practicing rounds, which is where one group of people start singing a verse, then another group comes in shortly after. It is hard to sing as loud as usual, but that just makes singing more challenging for students which helps them try harder. They are different from regular masks because if a singer tries to sing high they won’t run out of air.

Outside of the mask.
Inside of the mask.

Ironically, the inside of a singing mask looks like an amphitheater. All of the masks are black, and they feel roomier than regular masks. There are no spares so if you’re in choir, don’t lose the mask.

Singing with these masks is exciting, but also very odd. As if using a regular mask wasn’t weird enough. “…it makes it harder to hear the singers,” Ms. Roman said, “and it’s impossible to see exactly what[the students are] doing…I can’t see the shape of their vowels…” She also said that it’s not great when students forget their masks and they can’t sing.

Here are some of my classmates singing with singing masks.

What Ms. Roman really likes about the singing masks is that “…they make it possible for us to sing in class. Many school districts are not letting students sing at all, regardless of masks or distancing, so we are lucky in comparison…getting to sing in person is the most “normal” part of our class this spring…”