Fun Facts about Cherry Blossoms!


Olivia Hornsby, Dedicated Writer

Hello! Since it is almost spring (starting March 20th), I decided to write a spring-themed article!

I am going to give you some fun facts about a special tree called a cherry blossom tree. If you don’t know what cherry blossoms are, they are those pink flowery trees that are popular across Japan, and there are even some Washington D.C!

I am getting all of my fun facts from House and a few other websites                     

If you visit Japan during the spring, you will see people enjoying picnics under the blossoming cherry trees, in a practice called Hanami.

Hanami is the practice of eating and drinking to welcome the arrival of spring and enjoy the warm spring weather anywhere the gently falling cherry blossoms can be found, such as parks or by the river side, according to Fukushima travel.

As far back as the middle ages, people in Japan began writing cherry blossom-themed poems and about the practice of eating and drinking under the flowering trees.  Over the years, when as more people started to do it, they started to picnic and eventually it became a tradition.

In 1912, Japan sent the United States cherry blossom trees as a show of friendship.  These trees were planted and are still a popular part of Washington D.C. today.

Even though they all look pretty similar, there are 200 different “species” or types of cherry blossoms! The different varieties have different numbers of petals, different colors, and even different shapes! Most types have 5 petals per flower, but some have 10, 20, or more petals! There are colors besides pink too. Cherry blossom trees can have white, dark pink, light pink, yellow, or even green flowers!

I hope you liked these fun facts, and you might have even learned something new! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next article. (also, I might have another article like this coming soon, so if you liked this one, be sure to check out the newspaper next deadline to possibly see another one!)

STAFF SURVEY: Have you ever seen a cherry blossom tree?

If you’ve ever seen a cherry blossom, then you have something in common with 66.7% of the staff members surveyed (10 staff members were surveyed).  If you’ve had a picnic under them, then you are part of the 20% of the surveyed staff members. Here are the results from a google form I sent out!

Have you ever seen a cherry blossom in real life?



If you have seen a cherry blossom in real life, have you ever had a picnic under them?



ALSO, when asked, 10 out of 10 staff members loved cherry blossoms when they saw them! Here’s why:

They are beautiful  and smell amazing!

They are all over Washington DC. I have visited DC about 6 times in the Spring when they are starting to bloom. It is very pretty with all of the Memorials and sites of DC as a backdrop.

I like their color. I think it is magical to see a whole stand of cherry trees blossoming at once!

Cherry blossoms are beautiful, pink, fluffy, and ethereal. They remind us to appreciate the present moment because they don’t last forever!

They are beautiful and make it look like summer!

Pops of color and pink is a fave of mine!