Pi Day! March 14th

Pi Day! March 14th

3.1415926535 8979323846 26433832….. You know Pi. Pi day is march 14th and I will teach you some things about Pi. Not Pie but Pi.

Vocabulary Words

Pi; 3.1415926535 8979… or round it and use 3.14.

Circumference: The distance around a circle or sphere.

Diameter: From one side of the circle to the other side.

Radius: From the center of the circle to circumference. (1/2 Diameter)

Now that we are done with vocabulary, I will teach you how to find area, circumference, and volume of 3 shapes.


Area. The formula for area is π r2″ Square the radius and then multiply 3.14.

Circumference. The formula for Circumference is “2πr” Square pi to 6.28 and multiply by the radius.

Volume of a Sphere. The formula is “4/3 πr3″ cube radius multiply by  3.14 then multiply by 4/3

Volume of a Cylinder. The formula is πr2h” multiply the area by the hight.

Volume of a Cone. The formula is “1/3πr2h” a cone is just 1/3 of a cylinder.


Pi was first used in Egypt and Babylon. But the symbol we use today is greek. The first equation was by Archimedes. Before Pi people did not understand circle’s.

Other Assorted Facts

Pi is an Irrational number, which means it never ends.

It is ironic that you use pi to find a ton of things with circles but pie commonly is a circle.

Pi=c/d or circumference/ diameter.

Pi=3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461 2847564823 3786783165 2712019091 4564856692 3460348610….