10 Signs of the Month – St. Patrick’s Day Edition


Tyler Odum, Dedicated Writer

Hello and welcome back to 10 Signs of the Month! This edition is all about St. Patrick’s Day! I’d like to again thank my mom for teaching me all these signs! One of the MOST IMPORTANT rules for signing is ALWAYS USE YOUR DOMINANT HAND FOR ARM AND HAND MOVEMENTS! IF YOU NEED TO MOVE A HAND OR ARM FOR ANY SIGN OR HAND SHAPE, USE YOUR DOMINANT HAND! Now, the signs you’ve been waiting for!


St. Patrick’s Day: (The sign for “pinch,” see below, and then “day” by resting your dominant elbow on the opposite elbow, make your hand an “F” shape, and bring your arm down to rest on the one below it.)

March: (finger spell, M-A-R-C-H.)

Luck: (Put your middle finger on the chin, and bring it down and away from you while twisting the wrist 180 degrees, so your hand faces out.)

Shamrock: (Make a “B” hand shape and rest it by the wrist on your opposite index finger, then angle it accordingly for each of the 3 leaves.)

Green: (Make a “G” hand shape and twist your wrist.)

Rainbow: (Trace a rainbow with a “4” hand shape.)

Pot of Gold: (Mime a big pot and then sign “gold” by touching your cheek with a “Y” or “I love you” shape, and then bring it down and spin it. Remember, “gold” is a loose, lazy sign. Don’t make it rigid or clenched, just relax!)

Leprechaun: (Mime pointy ears with your index finger and thumb.)

Ireland: This is how we used to sign it here in America. (“Potato” sign.)

This is how they sign it in Ireland itself. (Salute, then tilt your wrist so your palm faces out. Your index finger should not leave the brow. Repeat in a flickering motion.)

Irish: Same story: how we used to sign it in America… (Past American sign for “Ireland,”just add “person.”)

And how it’s signed in Ireland itself. (Again, Irish sign for “Ireland” with “person” added afterwards.)

Bonus! Pinch: (Just pinch your opposite arm with your dominant hand!)

Thank you for joining me with 10 Signs of the Month! Come back next month for a new edition!