Lilly: Chapter 3

This Has To Work

Lilly: Chapter 3

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

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Chapter Three: This Has to Work

A letter has been handed to me, it is telling me that Lilly is gone, their world is in danger, and that I am their only hope. The pressure that they have given to me is more than I can handle, though I must stay strong because without me…they can’t leave.  I don’t know what I am going to do… 

Jack made everyone come into the cabin with me. It was small and tight but it would have to work. 

I clapped my hands together…this was going to take a very long time. 

“Ok, so to shift, you have to write a script. I have only ever shifted my conscience before but never my whole body. This means that you can die…when normally you can’t (when you just shift your conscience.)” I mumbled under my breath. My heart was pumping a thousand beats per minute. I looked at the sandy wallpaper and then continued. 

 “Anyway, moving on, you also need to boost your whole body through shifting, not just your conscience. So we are going to need to have one person stay behind and push us through with your portal thing-y’s-” I said; but I was soon cut off by a boy wearing blue, his brown hair was lightly ruffed up, probably by people always rubbing his head (he was rather short). 

They are called Multidemtional blackhole, seismic way portals,” He explained; being very happy he smiled wide and stood, waiting for me to continue.

“Ya, ya sure…I will just stick with portal thing-y. Now like I was saying, we will be able to move from dimension to dimension without being noticed…if science is right,” I mumbled the last part under my breath; if science wasn’t right, over a 100 people were going to get hurt. 

Jessie got up and started to walk around, “This is great and all…but how do we do it? How long will it take?”

“Uh…it took me two months to get it.” Mumbles roared over the big crowd.   Jack raised his hands and swayed them in an up and down motion to try and get everyone to be quiet. 

“She is a human! Remember that, guys.  We all have powers?” 

The crowd then nodded in agreement. Superman (a toddler friend of Lilly’s) flew close to my head. He stretched his hands and grabbed me with his chubby cold hands.   

“When do we start?” he asked, his toddler drool dripping down his mouth. I pushed him away and wiped my face with my shirt. 

“We start tonight.” 

The next thing I knew, grey fog hovered over the boat, Jessie looked on towards the waters as Octavia walked around with me, we were talking about life on my Earth what it is like, what animals we have there, and how much she and I adored snakes. Soon, Jack came behind Octavia. He patted her on the back and then gestured her way. They started to whisper to each other -it looked kinda awkward because Jack towered far over her. 

“This better work. We don’t have much more time,” Abner flew up beside me. His pure white eyes were blinding, not how Lilly described. They shone like a light through the fog,  exposing the deep blue waters crashing into the boat as kelp and sand were pushed up. 

“What do you mean,” I asked, trying not to gaze into his eyes. 

 The boat came to a sudden stop, making me stumble. The cold boards of the boat wet my hands lightly as grains of sand stuck to them. The smell of saltwater arose. A gasp for breath reminded me that this was not a dream. My hands shook lightly.

I was here talking to the people I had written about for months and yet thought they were fake. But this reality was beyond fiction. No, it was real. I had a sudden urge to run and get away from this place, but instead, I got back up and kept talking to Abner.

“You are clueless, are you not. You wrote about me if I am correct.  Your story might not get many views on your dimension…but everyone here has read it…Lilly is going to lose her powers just as she did in your story. She is very powerful like you stated. If she does, there is no hope for us,” Abner said.  I then looked at him up and down. Though he didn’t have legs, he was very tall, gliding over things, as his dark black hair rested on his shoulders.  He was by far one of the most powerful of them. I tried to search his face for an expression but I couldn’t find one.  

“There is always hope.  This is going to work,” I thought to myself. Octavia interrupted my thoughts. 

“Come here…me and Jack need to talk to you before we start,” she said to me inside my head. Octavia was a mind reader, and she could (apparently, this is news to me) put her thoughts into your head. I sighed.  This was going to be a long day if she was always reading my thoughts. 

I trotted over to Octavia and Jack at the front of the boat.   

“This has to work, like now. If we can’t get shifting to work, then we are all doomed, ok?  No pressure though… just try your best,” Jack said. He gave me a thumbs up and started to help the kids unload their sleeping bags onto the rocky shore. 

Octavia stared at me for a few seconds. Her tan skin looked almost pale without the light. 

“This has to work. Or we will never get Lilly back… but more importantly, you will never go home,” she bit her lip and stared at the ground.  One tear dropped out of her eye and landed on the wooden boards before she turned around and started to walk off the boat.