A Magician’s Secret: Magic’s Call – Chapter One


Lizzie Olivier, Dedicated Writer

Hey, Lizzie here!

Since the Magician’s Secret story was started pretty late in the school year, there wasn’t enough time for me to finish the story. Because of that, the story ends on a cliffhanger. But don’t worry! For current sixth and seventh graders, this story will be continued next year on the Westlake Observer!

By the way, chapter one is not the first part of Magician’s Secret. Make sure to check out the prologue first!


Deserlan girl Asha is still living as Blue girl Aida, waiting for the right moment to show herself.

Chapter One


The dreams came again tonight. The ones that had haunted me for years, chastising me. The ones that always evoked my memories of death, of running. Of fear.


Asha… do you hear the call?”

The wind blew my vanishing hair north.

“Asha, are you ready?”

Lost chances tugged at my nearly translucent hands.

“Asha, why do you run?”

My lips move, trying to speak, but my voice is gone.


I’m not ready to answer.


I leapt out of bed, my heart a pounding jackhammer.  

I realized that my hands were still clenching a corner of the heavy quilt, and I hurriedly released it.

“Aidawhatyoudoing…” Vanessa mumbled, still half-asleep. For half a second, I was a statue.

The part of me that was Asha briefly wondered if I should whisper, “You’re dreaming… whooooo.” 

Fortunately for the Aida-part’s dignity, however, I didn’t speak. I just waited until Vanessa let out a little snuffly snort – the signal that she was asleep again. 

After hearing the indication, I cautiously stepped out of the bed, hoping that my toes wouldn’t land on the creaky board that the orphanage mistresses had never replaced.

No such luck. I immediately maneuvered my feet onto a new board and froze when the noise rose up from the floor, a creaky purr that reached my ears and probably everyone else’s too.

Nobody heard that… right? Aida-half ignored Asha-part’s nervous inquiry and kept waiting. It seemed like forever before Aida-half was confident that no one had heard or woken up. Vanessa, still the lightest sleeper, hadn’t even made another noise.  

Slowly, cautiously, Aida-part kept padding out of the Violet Room, and down the main hallway. I don’t know what made me leave the room, but something inside me told me to keep moving. So I did.  

The pale yellow moon glimmering through the closed windows provided little light, and I was grateful that I wouldn’t have to see the horrendous paisley wallpaper that covered every panel in the hallways. 

And then I heard something.