Abigail McDowell, Dedicated Writer

Recently, the government has been working on a top-secret project called The Leprechauns.  It was located in a government base in Cheyenne Mountain.  But, about 8 hours ago, the leprechauns got loose and snuck into Westlake.  We have determined that they are  in the grade level hallways.   If found, remember their looks and the  name you see.   Then, after school, contact the front office staff (who are government officials in disguise) for candy.  Please leave the leprechauns where they are in order to avoid hurting them.


  1. This is grade-level specific – so you can only look in your grade-level hallways. (It doesn’t count if you find a different grade’s icon!)
  2. You are only allowed to look during passing periods or on your way to and from lunch.
  3.  You can only redeem your treat after school in the main office. You must have what the image is AND the code word on the image to earn a treat.
  4. If you see it, leave it there for others to see/enjoy!

(DISCLAIMER: This is a creative news story – believe what you’d like.)