Penny’s Perspective On People #18

Penny the Hedgehog, Dedicated Writer


     Heyo! How was your February? My February was pretty good! My birthday was on February 26, which I was able to celebrate on Thursday, with my father. We watched The Mandalorian together, which was quite fun. Even though I slept through the whole show, it was still fun to hang out with my father. For the rest of the month I just slept.

     My father would’ve made me a cake, but bananas aren’t my favorite. There is too much potassium, which makes be disgusted. Also, they’re yellow which isn’t my favorite color. 

      I played in my dig box for the month, and slept in it too. Also, my father cleaned my cage and it smells pretty good. It’s all clean and nice. And Fish got his tank cleaned too, which was nice, so I can see him more clearly.

     I got a new sister, who isn’t very intelligent.  She is a cat and her name is Lucy Gray. She enjoys to play with my heat lamp. Also she tries to sneak up on me, but has failed multiple times. She clearly doesn’t know that I’m a hedgehog with sharp quills. When she is around me, I can see her lick her chompers. She is very crazy, but overall, she is alright.  She is literally Spiderman! SHE CAN CLIMB WALLS?!?! It was shocking at first, but I have gotten used to it. My father feels bad for her at night since she is crazy and my grandmother doesn’t want to deal with that. So he usually leaves his door open and she usually comes in and wrecks his whole room. Goodbye! See you after Spring break!!