Snowing In Colorado

A March Snowstorm and Snowday


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

Snowing In Colorado

Victoria’s Weather Report

We got 24 inches of snow in Broomfield, Colorado over the weekend!

It is supposed to snow more on Tuesday, while we get a break on Monday. The wind is going around 30 MPH, according to The snow is blowing off of trees and houses, which could cause low visibility and injuries to occur.

TODAY IS A SNOW DAY!  Some people may be snowed into their homes and might not be able to get out of their houses using a car.  Finally, a well-needed break from school.  Wonderopolis explained a snow day like this, “Snow days occur because weather conditions make getting you and your fellow students to school too dangerous.” So overall, the roads are very icy and schools need to close down.

Also the district site (Adams 12)  says, “On Monday, March 15, all schools and administrative offices in Adams 12 Five Star Schools are CLOSED due to weather. There will be no school for all students – this includes in-person and remote learners. All previously scheduled activities in schools and district buildings for Monday are canceled, and sporting events and practices are postponed.” Any more information on the snow day can be found on the Westlake home page or The Adams 12 homepage.

Things To Do on a SNOW DAY

Hang out with family.  Today is the perfect day to spend with family, whether playing a board game, watching TV, hanging out with your pets, or making something to eat.  All in all, family time is quality time and everyone needs to spend time with their family and step away from their phone. A article by, “Study finds,” says, “ American adults spend up to three hours a day on social media, you may be disheartened to learn that the average family spends just a fraction of that time together each day. A new survey calculated that Americans are enjoying just 37 minutes of “quality time” as a family on weekdays.”  So you should hang out with your family, even if it is just your sibling. You can make a nice drink with some sticky-ness, enjoy a hot drink, read, or play in the snow!  Check out these ideas below!

To make snow cones, you can use the following formula:

  • Ice+Juice+A chewy candy+Eat/enjoy 
  • Snow+blended up fruit+some berries+Eat/enjoy
  • Snow+ a snow cone blend (some of the syrup that comes with a snow cone maker)+Eat/enjoy 

You can also make some hot chocolate. This warm drink is very different from snow cones. It can be made with milk, cream, or water making the perfect mouth-watering chocolate cup. 

Do something creative!  You can paint, make bracelets, sew, code your own video game, or make something for one of your animals. One of my favorite things to do for my snake is to make him little hats and also make him a new humid hide during the cold days (since he is cold-blooded).  If you would like to check out any of these things, check out my snow day slide show linked below.

link to snow day slide show

 Play in the snow! Instead of being a couch potato, go outside. There is two feet of snow to play in, so make the most of it! 

  • Have snowball fights
  • Play with an animal (dog’s usually really like it)
  • Pretend you are a mountain man in Alaska
  • Build a snow fort
  • Build a snowman
  • Collapse backward into the snow 
  • Make a snow angel

Spend some time reading!  If you are looking for some quick stories to read, go ahead and check out this google doc. It contains 1 short story and 2 teasers.


Make sure to do something productive today during your snow day today! Read (that is why I put the teasers), make snow cones, make hot chocolate, do something creative, hang out with your family or play in the snow. Remember, that today will only end up bad if you make it bad, so just keep smiling.