Lilly: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Shifting

Lilly: Chapter 4

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer



Chapter Four: Shifting

I have explained shifting, though I don’t think they understand. We have just docked the ship on the shore. This is their last chance to find Lilly.  My last chance to see my best friend. We have to find her…

I landed on the sand, the dim light seen all around, illuminating faces. Everyone was huddled into a little sleeping bag. I started to walk around, Jessie was smiling at me with big eyes. Her gaze left me reassured as I started to talk. 

“OK, everyone, Jessie is going to push you into a dimension where your conscience should be there, and your body will follow. Now just take a deep breath…and drift into a deep sleep. When you are having a dream, realize that you are in one. Open a door and control what dimension you are going to be going to. I would suggest the dimension you came from. Just imagine it. Now…go!”

Everyone smiled before going to sleep.  Abner stayed awake and wouldn’t put his head on the ground.  Instead, he floated over everyone. Without thinking too much of it, I zipped up my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep. 

A world that hovered above the ground of an old farmer’s house was there, bright blue and green colors laid out in front of me. Bricks that were broken into tiny pieces laid on the ground. My feet landed softly on the ground, kids started to fly in with me.  Each had a dreaded look on their faces. The land that they had worked so hard to leave from, was back. 

Amber looked scared, her eyes darting all around. 

“You-you-you did it? I never would have thought…” her voice trailed off. She started to sweat, her forehead became a swamp and her palms were arched in one position. She quickly grabbed a hair tie to tie up her shiny black hair. Although it calmed down the sweat, she was still drenched. 

Jackcy walked up behind me, her eyes darting around the place as she tried to look brave. 

“We just have to wait another 30 mins.  If they don’t come…you have done it…if they do, then we have to find a new home,” she sighed. 

“Wait, what? What about Jessie?? And Abner,” I asked, they had stayed behind, and would surely be caught. 

Jackcy paused. 

“Abner? What do you mean Abner,” Jackcy started to shake me, she tilted me close to the ground and had her fist raised, ready to punch.  Her eyes were hard and her mouth was open with teeth. The hot sun beat down over her head. 

“Abner…he was on the ship? Isn’t he your best friend,” the words stumbled out of my mouth, how could she not know?

She dropped me fast, I landed on the cold, wet ground. Dirt launched up into my nose and covered my blonde hair completely. 


Jackcy ran over to Octavia. Her fists were clenched, leaving them bleach white with tension. Then Octavia and Jacky started to talk. Octavia looked over to me, and she was nodding to everything Jackcy said. Her eyes looked scared, though her body looked fine. She has a perfectly straight back and was standing as if she was a superhero. 

Finally, after 10 mins, Jackcy came back over to me. 

“I don’t know what you saw… I think you were just talking about someone you don’t know. Now we have to get back to the ship, it has been 30 mins,” Jackcy snapped her fingers and was lifted into the air and then blasted away with a bright light. 

Kids followed after her, each snap growing louder until I stood alone. The world seemed to be darker since I was alone. A cold chill ran up my neck and a gush of wind slid past my neck on its way out. 

My hands felt cold, I snapped….nothing happened. I grinned widely, this was just something weird happening right? I snapped again….nothing. 

“Uhh…guys,” I asked, looking around for everyone. No answers could be heard. My heart started to beat faster, like lighting. 

“Right, um, ok. How to survive in the wilderness 101, I took this class…ya, I did. OK, just breathe.  The first thing is to find water, which will bring food and shelter,” I thought, trying to reassure myself.  Honestly, it wasn’t working.  But it was all I had. 

I started to walk towards the forest, and green covered the whole land.

I found a tiny pond. A pot was near it, with fresh vegetables laid on the ground. A  few forks were there. Each had a name marking. I grabbed the cold steel handle: Octavia.

This was their campsite from a few years ago. But then why were there vegetables that were going bad? What had happened to this world?

I looked around the campsite…something was wrong…very wrong. B

ased on Lilly’s map, it would take me around three days to reach the nearest town. I was going to have to walk north to get to the town of Looks. If the car was still there, then I could try to jump-start it.  But i that didn’t work, then I was out of ideas.

I could only transport my conscience, not my whole body.

I might never get out of here. 

I stepped closer to the lake. Its water was crystal clear with fog rising off of it. It looked… too fake. Then a blue grid exploded on the water, a black dark hole expanded and then clapped back. Water was going in and out of the lake, draining and filling. 

“What is going on,” I thought to myself.  This world is…fake. Everything here is fake…the trees don’t even give off pollen. The food is fake, the houses are generated, the water is fake, the grass is…fake. 

“No…no…because they are real,” I said out loud.  “Octavia, Jack, Superman, and Lilly, are all real. I have touched them. I have talked to Lilly! My parents saw her! I don’t know what-”

I was then blasted back through the portal. I landed right in front of Abner… but he was standing with men in black suits.