Lilly: Chapter 5

Chapter Five: The Fourth Dimension

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer


Chapter Five: The Fourth Dimension

I was left in a world that was fake. Everything there was not real. The water, the trees, the ground. I don’t know what is happening or why Abner is standing in front of men in black suits…

Abner’s back curled and his head shook with great violence. His eyes turned a grey color, as brown hair sprouted from his head. 

“You’re-you’re…no you’re not.” I breathed heavily. That was not never was Abner. 

“Oh…yes, I am. I am Lily’s father. She failed to hurt me even with her ‘dragon powers’. You found out that the world my great great great grandfather (which I call Dournto) made was fake…good job,” he scoffed.

His hands where folded neatly, but stern. His skin was wrinkled around his hands, like they had been in a pool for a long time (kinda like raisins). Although he was not huge anymore, he wasn’t skinny either. He looked around 400 pounds, but I didn’t doubt that he could still do evil.

“Wait, what? Why did he put you in that world? And why are there kids?” I asked. I glanced at the floor. My white and black converse were glitching from the fake mud.

He paused for a second, taking a breath and walking around the room. His black leather shoes made thump sounds every time he walked, “Dournto always hated my great-great-grandfather, which is why he grabbed kids from the world below and made them into a world which Dournto thought was perfect. After I broke out of the system, he realized that I was one of his many grandchildren. I overtook him and that is why I was the ruler. Lilly apparently broke out and started a rebellion against me and my crew.”

“You kept her in a cage! Locked-,” I tried to continue, but his face turned into an angry frown. His hands grasped the edge of the table, turning a stone white. The rasin-ness disappeared. He was getting ready to yell. 

“I have read your story, and I don’t like how you made my character,” he told me.

“Your nothing but a human from the 6th dimension,” he said.  Then a man from behind Lilly’s dad tried to interrupt what he was saying. 

“Sir, I think-,” the man in black said.

But he was cut off by Lilly’s father. Her father pressed a button, big and red that was in his silk woven pockets.  He slowly fell to the ground, looking at the floor, and his eyes relocked. Sweat dripped from the man’s forehead. I looked at him, and he looked in a daze, almost like he was in a coma. 

Then he got up with a smile and walked out of the room, hands in his pockets. 

Lilly’s dad’s teeth were gritted and were pressed together hard, making the gums in his mouth look white. 

“Lol, you kinda look like a chipmunk,” I said giggling. My sister (Sophie) would have said that. She was very smart and manipulative. 

“Look, I just need you to tell me where Lilly is.”

“I don’t know where she is.”

“Well that suck-,” his voice trailed off as a bright white light came behind my back.

A girl appeared with a tall boy. Their faces were mean, and their hard, dark eyes trailed through towards Lilly’s father.  Lilly’s father looked surprised. He fell backwards, his armpits being held up by the other two men in black. The room glowed dimmer despite the bright white that was showing. 

“HAHA, THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS,” I screamed. Jack grabbed my back and we disappeared through the white hole.