Westlake Shop Owners


Lindsay Uba, Dedicated Writer

Etsy: a global shopping center that helps creators build their businesses and customers to buy their creative supplies — online! They have everything ranging from clothing and accessories to toys and art. Naturally, some members of our Westlake community partake in this Etsy business.


Starting off, Sierra, A.K.A CraftyShackJewelry, is an 8th grader at Westlake who loves running and plays soccer and violin and has an Etsy shop. Her shop sells keychains, woven bracelets, and other jewelry. In a quick interview, she answered some of our questions.

Q: How long do you spend on each product?

“It depends. For a  small pattern maybe 2 hours but for a bigger one I can spend 6-10 hours on it.”

Q: How do you get your ideas?

“There’s this site called Braceletbook.com where I get my patterns.”

Q: What was your favorite product?

“My favorite product was recently sold, but it was a blue and golden Aztec bracelet that was super fun to make.”

Q: What is your favorite design to make?

Sierra says that her favorite pattern is the double arrowheads. It is a beautiful bracelet design where the colors are pointing the same way twice.

Q: Why did you start your shop?

“I wanted to earn money out of making bracelets.”

Q: What are your plans moving forward?

Sierra explains that her shop is on the side as she doesn’t get many sales. However, when she does, she will put more thought into the packaging.

Q: Any advice for future shop owners?

“It’s going to be really hard to get sales at first and it’s all about patience.”

Q: Any last messages?

“Check out my shop of you want to see some of her designs!” Sierra says that if you contact her, she will give you a 10% discount!

If you are interested in any of Sierra’s products, please click here.


Next up is Jaidyn Hernandez,  a Westlake student whose life is “filled with art and a lint roller”.  This 8th grader mainly sells fursuit items but she sells other things regarding resin and art supplies on Etsy. Below are Jaidyn’s responses to our questions.

Q: How long do you spend on each product?

“I spend HOURS. It’s so time-consuming but definitely worth it in the end.”

Q: What was your favorite product or transaction? 

“That’s hard but probably one of the fursuits which I took over three hours on!”

Q: Where was the farthest you’ve shipped?

Jaidyn exclaims that she gets many orders from the United Kingdom and Australia.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

“Honestly, they come to me at the weirdest time from literally anywhere.”

Q: Why did you start your shop? 

“To be honest, I wanted to make money, but now it’s so much more than that! I also really want to inspire others.”

Q: Any advice for future Etsy business owners?

“DON’T give up! It takes a long time but so worth it in the end!” Jaidyn continued, saying to stand your ground against any rude customers. “You do you and if a buyer doesn’t like that, they don’t deserve what you have to sell. ”

Q: Any last messages?

“Being an entrepreneur was one of my best decisions and I highly recommend it!”

If you’re interested in any of her products, please click here.

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These are some of the amazing Westlake people that own online stores. Please show them some love!