Lilly: Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Lilly’s Notification


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer


Chapter 6:Lilly’s Letter

Blasted through a white hole. I can feel Octavia’s strong grip on my shoulder. She is looked at me, disappointed. I don’t know if I am going to be able to find Lilly soon. Hope is slowly drizzling away. 

We arrive at a place that is covered in mushrooms. Brilliant colors of red and white are displayed in the green shards of grass. The sky is a bright blue. Trying not to step on mushrooms, I bounce on every green patch that I can get. I follow Jack and Octavia, who are not bothering to take as much caution as I am.

They lead me to a large tree. It could easily fit 3 full grow male lions in it. The brown bark has groves in it, and green maple leaves on top. It is covered in omphalotus illudens mushrooms. In the center of the tree is a large door. It is not perfectly straight and leans more to the left. Jack steps up and opens the door with a smile is on his face.  It seemed that smiling was his solution to every problem. Octavia huffs past me, and walks into the tree. I quickly follow behind.

Amber is standing in the center of the tree-room. Her long shiny black hair is over her bright pink shirt. Her black eyes glare at me. The room has a small round table in the middle. There is a mud stove to one corner of the room and a pot of dying tulips in the left coner. Another door is opened in the tree and Jessie comes with Superman and Jackcy.

Jackcy runs to me. Tears are streaming down her face. The water drops on my shirt and soaks through to my skin. I don’t move, even though I am mildly disgusted. Her brown frizzy hair is in a messy bun. I slowly start to pet her back.

“What is going on?” I ask. I look over Jackcy’s shoulder, trying to get an answer out of someone. Jackcy backs up out of my arms. Her face is red and swollen, along with Superman’s face, who had ran to get a hug from Jack.

“Wel-I-we-no-I-can-Abner-.” Jackcy mumbles. She took a deep breath, and quickly wiped her face.  She went back to being the Jackcy I wrote about: strong, fearless and, independent.

“We have a letter from Lilly. She is somewhere in the 4th dimension. We have to get this done soon.  The fourth dimension’s time moves faster. You were there for 4 months. They put you in a room that was hooked up to your time zone. So you have already been gone from home for around 3 hours. Let me show you the letter she sent us.”

Jackcy waved up to Jessie. Jessie came closer holding a letter that was written in perfect Lilly handwriting.

Nov.19.2020 (Victoria Time Zone/6th Dimension)
       My dad is here! He is in the Fourth Dimension! I thought he was gone! He doesn’t know where I am yet. But since 30 mins of Victoria’s time zone is 4 months here, I think he is going to be able to find me. The only one that knows where I am is Octavia. I forwarded my thoughts to her. 
      There is going to be another battle. I warn you. Please come as quickly as you can. When my father was sleeping I took the light orb from him, which is why he thinks you know where I am. If you can lure him into the 2nd Dimension, he won’t be able to control it any more because I have over-ridden the system (that was where I was hiding. I also figured out that the world was fake. I can’t get it to stop glitching though. You are going to have to be fast).
You need to go to the 4th and get him to the Second Dimension. I will meet you there.

“Well, now you know, kid. Man, I really wish we could go back to the old times right now,” Jessie explained.

“Well, there is no more such thing as old times. We want our friend back and I am not going to stand for her father again. I might not have really been there the first time…but I am here now. I will fight for Lilly!” Amber screamed.  She shoved her fist into the air. Water trickles sprouted from it like a beautiful waterfall.