Lilly: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Lilly is Here


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer


Chapter 7: Lilly is here

A mushroom land and a hollowed-out tree. The only person who knows where we are going is Octavia. I am scared but excited. I hope this turns out all right. 

A girl with almond skin walked in. Her hair dripped past her shoulders and was in perfect light brown bouncy curls.

“Hello. My name is Ualoheke Akua. I heard that you might be needing some help.  We are willing to help.”

A boy who was shorter than her walked up. He almost looked like Neville in a way, but he had tan skin and black hair. He ran up to Jackcy.

“OMG! I have been trying to ask you a question ALL day! Me and Ualoheke Akua are so ready to help! I cannot wait,” he poured over Jackcy; his eyes were bright and full of life. He looked around at everyone, and the room seemed to grow brighter with a bit more hope.

Superman flew over to the boy. Superman’s toddler face smiled. Amber came over to the boy.  They were around the same age and height (although Amber was a bit taller).

“What is your name?” Superman asked.  He grabbed the boy’s face. Superman was not a very space-conscious person.

“My name is Ikaika, which means strong. My sister and I both chose Hawaiian names because we found out that we are descendants of the Native Hawaiian people-”

Ikaika was about to talk more about his name, but his sister cut him off.

“Cut it out, Ikaika! Hush up,” Ualoheke Akua yelled.  She took his hand and lead him to another part of the room.

“OK,” Jessie started counting, “Jack-one, Victoria-two, Octavia-Three, Jackcy-four, Superman-five, Ualoheke Akua-six, Ikaika-seven, Amber-eight, and Me-nine. Oh ya, plus the giant transforming Lilly.”

“Ready?” Jack asked. He started to transform into a half-dragon.

“Always,” Amber said, nodding her head.

We got to the 4th Dimension. It was full of cars, a dark black city, trash, and smoke. The air was so thick that you couldn’t see through it. Superman sat on Jack’s shoulder, afraid to let go. I pulled out a flashlight that I kept in my pocket.

“OK guys does anyone knows where his head-”

We were then sucked up by the grate. It pushed us through, hurling me down the black sewage drains.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ualoheke Akua hold me!” Ikaika yelled. His scream ran all the way through the tunnel, and it echoed off of the black walls. Jack landed in a dark black mud that stuck to his clothes. The light was dim, the only thing that was keeping the room from being an inky color was a single light. It hung on by a string that was covered in grates. A woman with brown hair was sitting at a desk in the room. The desk was a greyish-silver metal.

Octavia ran over to the person sitting in the chair.

“We found you, Lilly! We have to go, OK? We are going to get your dad,” Octavia yelled.

Lilly turned around in the metal desk chair.

“It took you guys long enough,” She laughed as she smoothed her brown hair down and looked at everyone.

“Wow, you’re the-”

Ikaika started, but Ualoheke Akua told him to be quiet and hush up.

Lilly got up from where she was sitting and walked towards the group. She hugged each and every one of them.

“Now, we must go to where my father lives. Once we go there, it will be easy to lure him to the 2nd Dimension. To get him through the portal, we just need to have me back up towards a wall. Amber will make a multi-dimensional blackhole seismic way portal so that I fall through along with my dad. Jack and Octavia will then follow. Do you understand?” Lilly asked everyone.

Her voice was not as light, feathery, and joyful as I remembered it.

We came back out of the sewers. This time the streets smelled of dirt and dung. It smelled so strongly you could taste the residue in your mouth. Superman tried to itch his tongue, pulling it out of his mouth and running his chubby tiny fingers over his white taste buds.

I now had a better look at the city, for red lights shone from building to building. In each home, instead of a yellow peaceful light, it was a red LED light. The streets were close to empty.  A car would drive by every so often, and each of us would duck when this happened. Amber said that they might be people that worked for Lilly’s dad, and we all agreed.

As we were walking down a street, Jessie saw a car in the distance, but it was not as slow as all of the other cars. It was speeding down the wet dark roads without stopping.

Ualoheke Akua looked at the car.  She quickly shoved everyone close to her down behind a large blue metal trash can.

“That kinda’ looks like one of the Men in Black vans. Get down, Lilly,” Ualoheke Akua whispered forcefully. Lilly stood, though not in shock. Her face was rather happy glancing at the black van.

“Victoria, stand up…it’s my dad,” Lilly said. Her wonderful grey eyes shone in the darkness. I slowly crept around the trash can and stood next to Lilly. I had to trust her.

The van landed right in front of us with a “SCKURTTTTTT!!!!!!!.” Lilly’s father emerged from it. A frown was plastered all over his mad face.

It was go-time.

Lilly’s dad glanced at both of us. Automatically, they started to circle each other. They never lost gaze, it was as though her father was a lion. Big strong and mighty. If she lost gaze, it would be over.

Then four men in black emerged from the van. Each of them closed the doors when they got out. A bang bounced off of all the buildings and back to the metal van. The dim lighting made it hard to see the men in black. Their faces started to get wet sprinkles on them but they did not move. Rain slowly started to flow everywhere. A downpour of never-ending hot rain.

It touched my skin and made it sizzle with heat.  A burn came and scorched my face. I realized that I was not as wet as Lilly’s father and his men. They were drenched. Lilly’s father was running around like a mad man while the Men in Black (under his spell) stood quietly, but their eyes showed pain. The water had acid…this was not rain…but Amber.

I looked over at her. She was smiling as she made huge raindrops go on top of Lilly’s father. Then Lilly turned around. She had finally noticed.

“STOP IT, AMBER,” Lilly let out an ear-piercing scream that echoed off of the homes and back to the black vans. Amber’s eyes looked darker. Her white skin looked even paler, her tiny eyes started to grow into tinier slits.

Ualoheke Akua looked at Amber from the ground. The sorry gaze was humbling. Behind the bush, Jack who was in his dragon form shook his head. Octavia stood up with Jackcy and Jessie. They all nodded towards me. A light was coming over me. I never knew that one day they would depend on me when I was depending so much on them…they needed me to get Lilly to remember the plan – not to just try to destroy her father now.

Jack took a hold of Lilly’s father. We couldn’t destroy him without Lilly…but we could retain him for a while.  Superman lifted his feet with Ikaika.  His arm fat went over her tiny hands as Amber held his left arm with her hands. Octavia had her strong grip focused on his stomach. Jessie was holding his right arm, and her light green eyes had lost all of their sparkles. Jackcy stood near the group, surveying me and Lilly.

I slowly walked up to her. Her hand glowed with heat and her eyes looked stern. She was walking up to her dad. I put my hands on her shoulders to slow her down. She quickly glanced at me, still mad…

How was I going to fix this?