Mia Hauschild-A Business Owner At the Age 11?


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer

Sixth-grader Mia Hauschild is a funny and smart girl who has started her own vegan and gluten-free lipgloss and lip scrub business. Being a good student and being on a competitive swim team while juggling a cosmetics business? How does she do it all? Here is an exclusive interview with Mia. 

The Life of Mia (Plus juggling orders):

How old are you?

Mia stated, “I am eleven years old. I am in 6th grade and will be moving onto 7th grade at the end of this year.”

What clubs do you do?

Mia has gotten an invitation to join the National Junior Honor Society next year at Westlake. She’s very willing to do the National Junior Honor Society and wants to help the community,  the environment,  and help the less fortunate.

Mia also does swimming, when being a competitive swimmer you have to dedicate a lot of time, for Mia it is 5-9 hours a week! (A hour a day and on weekends, sometimes multiple hours of swimming competitions.) 

How many orders (of lip glosses and lip scrubs) do you get per week?

“Per week I get around 4 orders, usually more depending on the week. I find it very satisfactory doing my business and getting orders every week.” 

What is the farthest you have ever had to ship a package?

Mia keeps a map of where she sends her packages, each of them sent with care and wrapped beautifully. Mia said, “Probably the farthest I have had to ship is New York.”

Mia’s Business:

Why is your business vegan and gluten-free?

“I think that it is very important that we have vegan and gluten-free products. A lot of people value gluten-free products because of either allergies or other reasons that make it hard for them to have gluten.  Also, I think that it is crucial that people know what products they are buying and what causes they support.” 

What motivated you to start your own business?

“I wanted a way to make money as a young entrepreneur. I also wanted to make products that other people could use and enjoy.” 

When did you start your business?

“I started my business last August during Covid. I started around the 20th (or so) of March 2020,” Mia answered. Mia has been working over the months to make sure that her products are of the best quality that they can be, fulfilling the needs of each customer well. 

What are some things you value in your business?

Mia values vegan and gluten-free products. She says that she enjoys helping the environment by making her products better for the planet. She offers a variety of different products that fall under both the gluten-free and vegan categories.  

Why do you continue with it (her business)?

Mia keeps doing her business because she enjoys running it. Also, her business keeps her from boredom. Keeping from boredom, is a very important part of Mia’s life because she is always ready to do new things.

Some of the Products Mia Offers:

  • Limited edition Spring Bling lip gloss:  It has a brilliant gold shine that sparkles like a diamond. It is utterly perfect (in my opinion). Little tiny stars shine in the lip gloss. It smells like vanilla and reminds me of nice spring days.  I would rate this lipgloss an 8.5/10!
  • Another product that Mia is offering right now is her clear, At the Beach lip gloss.  “This wonderful lip gloss is pina colada flavored (a mix of pineapple and coconut.)  The pigment (usually a color of sorts) has been added to it but it is clear.  An honest rating of this lip gloss is 9/10!
  • Also, Mia has a heart of gold Lip gloss.  This is a pink lip gloss that goes on clear and is unpigmented. Since it is unscented,  if you have a nose that doesn’t do well with any scents, this is the lip gloss for you!  There are beautiful gold hearts are in the lip gloss for decoration, and will not end up on your lips. (A solid 10/10! The highest rating so far!) 
  • The final lip gloss that Mia offers is a Makin’ Me Blush lip gloss.  This awesome gloss has a berry flavor and has a pink pigment. The pink pigment is around fushia pink, but might also be close to raspberry pink in color. When I first saw this lip gloss I realized that it is very beautiful in person. A 7.90 out of 10.
  • Keepin’ it Fresh Gloss It is the flavor of mint,  and when it is applied to lips it will be clear. I give this lip gloss an 8/10 for the simplicity, yet extravagance of this lip gloss.

Other products:

  • A Vanilla Dream Lip Scrub is offered. This lip scrub comes in a tiny blue and clear container. The scrub has a vanilla flavor and scent. It is made of pink sugar and is perfect for getting any dead skin off of dry cracked lips. 
  •  One last product that Mia offers in her shop is her, Peppermint Dream Lip Scrub. This wonderful lip scrub is made out of sugar with a peppermint flavor and scent. The scrub is white. 

Selling and Buying from Mia:

Where do you sell all of your products?

Mia uses her own website (called, “M.cosmetics and you can find it at https://mcosmeticsshop.com/),  as well as selling on Etsy. To make her website start, she used the web platform called, GoDaddy

Where can people buy your products?

Mia explained, “My website name is M. Cosmetics and it can be found at www.mcosmeticsshop.com.”  People should buy Mia’s products because of her hard work and the effectiveness of the products. All of her products come from her heart, her lip glosses make your lips shine and her lip scrubs get the dead skin off.