Lilly: Chapter 8

The Battle


Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer



Lilly was mad. She wanted to have her father sent somewhere…maybe Azkaban? I wasn’t sure, but I needed to make sure that she was alright before the battle began. My very first battle…

Water dripped from her face it ran down her nose and into her mouth, for it was actually raining now.

I took her hand and pulled her to the wet, smelly ground. The gravel for the street was hard and rocky it stuck to my hands. Since I had abruptly pulled her down, she had landed hard on the surface of the road. She huffed, glaring at my eyes. I propped myself up to where I now had my knees pulled up to my face and my hands folded on the outside of my legs.

I started to glance towards the street. After a few seconds, she started to get impatient.

“What do you want? Why are we just looking at the road?” she asked. Her mad tone grew more in the sound of her voice.

“It was like that one time when we went outside super early at your cabin and it was raining. The rain slowly falling on us as the sun rose next to the mountains. We had warm blankets that were red and yellow with tassels on the end. We just stood there for hours until your mom and dad beckoned you inside and we got to eat waffles. Sticky syrup poured from that brown bottle. Remember how peaceful that was?” I asked, remembering.  I still kept my eyes on the road and refused to look her in the eyes.

She sighed,. “Yes. Don’t worry, I am calm now. We will follow through with the plan. I apologize. Then she stood up. Amber saw her coming and opened the portal under Lilly’s dad. With her ponytailed hair, Lilly jumped in, following her dad, who was letting out a wail as he fell deeper. We were ready.

After almost everyone had jumped in, it was my turn. Amber would be last, jumping in right before the portal closed. I breathed heavily. This was either going to turn out well or end up in a mess. I looked at Amber one more time before I jumped. Her dark hair shone in the dim light and her eyes were sparkling (they had become lighter and not as flushed out as Lilly had described them to be).

She could see the dismay on my face, “Hey…don’t worry. Once we get home, you can write a story about this…just don’t tell anyone where we are going LOL.” She smiled once again.

I made the plunge…hoping we would get back.

Before long, a fresh smell of grass rode up my nose. Then I realized that I was back in Lilly’s world. My hands were real and I wasn’t dreaming.

Over to the left were the sounds of men running towards Jack… and a huge creature…wait, that’s Lilly! She was huge, her brown hair was wrapped tightly just as she had described it.

Octavia was taking out people from the left and the right. She was lifting them up with her powers and shoving them back to the ground. There were no wails or cries when the men hit the ground.

Superman was flying up to people and kicking them in the face. Jessie was making huge light orbs. The light orbs would circle around a person before they landed on the person’s head, making them fall slowly to the ground. Ualoheke Akua would have anyone on the ground start to age until they were old. Ikaika had grown huge muscles the size of watermelons.  He was trying to take the equally strong men in black down.

A man from Octavia’s blow came flying towards me. He seemed fine, he was still breathing, but his eyes said he was in pain. Little wires were poking out of his back, from a blue little compact that was holding batteries. Little sparks flew from the compact. I inched closer towards the man. A smile was plastered on his face…he was being controlled.

This was not his own doing.  It was clear that he didn’t want to do this.

“EVERYONE STOP,” I yelled at the top of my lungs, but no one could hear me. Figures, I thought, because everyone was flying everywhere trying to help different people and trying to destroy others.

I looked back at the man on the ground.  He was jittering and rocking everywhere in extreme amounts of pain.  But still, his face was smiling.

I quickly went over to the compact. Two wires were showing, blue and red. His back had little trickles of blood dripping down it.

My hands grazed over the wires and felt something.  Lilly’s father had put a “How to disable,” little slip of paper on the back of each silver box.

“Idiot,” I mumbled, looking at the white card. I pulled out my silver pocket knife and cut the red wire just as the card had instructed.

The man started to heal right away, and his skin was re-stitched together, with each little strand coming out and making a quickly healed scar.  He stopped jittering right away and his eyes opened up, light blue instead of the hard dark ones I had seen earlier.

He mumbled, “…what is going on? Where am I?”

“You have been fighting for the bad side for…who knows how long? I don’t even have powers, and I don’t even really know why I am here. I just need you to fight those other guys in the black suits. They are being controlled. If you can get to them and knock them out, I will disable their compact and they will be just like you. Deal?”

“Yea..sounds good,” the man responded. He was able to get up right away after pushing off of the ground.

The man with blue eyes and I both ran into the battle. I was too close to him for Octavia to throw him up into the air because there would be a risk of hurting me. Sparks flew all around us, big chunks of dirt hitting me and him both in the face. Grass pieces were on me and they were hitting me hard in the nose. The man kept running, even though rocks were flying.

A rock scraped my cheek, but I kept on going. He caught and then held one of the men in black down onto the ground, and as he was struggling, I quickly cut the red wire…back to normal. The second man was also completely different now. His hair re-grew to a light brown color. I re-explained my speech to him, just like I had the first guy.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do,” he said. His voice was a bit deep with reassurance but also very confused.

The second guy and I moved quickly, as the first men in black went to go and help other people.

We reached one guy, big and burly. His eyes were far over my head, and he had to strain his neck to look at me.

With one blow in the neck, I was able to knock him down. His face fell in slow motion to the ground. His eyes were fighting to be open. Little tiny strains of green grass where sticking to his mouth. I turned him over, and quickly cut the red wire. I was ready to get him back to being normal.

His skin started to re-attach. It looked like Octavia had gotten to him before us. Hair started to sprout from his head, long blonde hair.

Now there were more of us fighting for the good guys.  We reached the battle since the first guy had gotten 20 men in black back to normal.

It was time for us to charge Lilly’s dad.